New Guy. First day. Looking for Competition

Hey guys,
Its my first day, but i will beat any of your weak asses any time of the day :smiley: competitive mode on.

Add me 33f8d9 :slight_smile:

Challenge accepted!


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Added :grin: my man !!! :smiley:

So first time go on hard mode beat 21days which was my first streak. Currently im 1month ahead of you 8666e9

Added you :blush: Mine is 4102be.

Add me bros i am gonna beat all off you !!!


@alivechill add me pliz 9ca43b

Plz add me as well, I am new too. 553772

added you
my code 360e4e

Nice to have you here

Add me f4d511. Im in for the challnege

I’m up for it!

Count me in

Sharing code : 72358d

Guys im in and i fight hard my code is 690f1f

Add me as well guyz… my code d0aefd

Added you …my sharing code is a6bb25

Add me in! First few minutes on this app lol. But i’ m searching for some help on my journey and seek to help others. My best streak is currently 14 days… My code is 4644ed!

Add me…my code : e63d40
I add all u guys here