New Ecology project-need ideas

Hi guys (and girls),
I’ve been thinking a lot about environment these days, about how our planet is dying and what we can do to help with this. Here, this is a personal development group, and I think it would help each of us in his fight to care about something else, greatee and different than avoiding PMO.
So I would like to create a sort of group where we would do some actions to help protect Earth. There would be a list of actions to do, we could enlarge it, share our results, and I think this would definitely boost the team spirit of us NoFappers.
Hopefully, we can become so numerous that we can ask to add a feature in the app that proposes some actions for the environment. We are quite a lot using this app, even if it looks like a drop in the sea, this would definitely help-and give the most desperate of us a true mission.
I believe protecting our planet is extremely important. I hope this group will become an active, pacific place where we can talk together about this new common goal.
Thank you all

P.S. When you join, please give your name, age and gender so I can add you to the members

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-install ecosia on phone and use the extension for google chrome on computer. This is a web browser that looks just like Chrome, it’s not slower, and it uses the money it collects to plant trees all around the world. For more info, go on the Ecosia web page.

-Pierretomas18/El_Chibre,16 m, single