New challenge idea

A question to all the diligent challenge creators and participants.
I think, so far all challenges are trying to make a competition among the participants. counting only the streak of a single person in comparison to the others or to reach a certain number of days.

Wouldn’t it be very satisfying to have a challenge to reach a goal together with all participants?
Something like all the streaks are summed up together, or lets take the average of all streaks.
The goal could than be to reach a certain number as a community. example 100days where you as a team weren’t a client of the pornindustry. You don’t wanna fail and relapse since you would drag back the whole group.

Just an idea. Think it would be fun to have some kind of challenge or goal where all people are working with each other instead of against.
If someone wants to pick up the idea (or parts of it) feel free. I would join immediately (but I guess I’m not the best in starting a competition)


That is actually a really good idea @neveragaintw! I have struggled with the competitive element of my challenge and I try my best to emphasise that we are ‘challengers’ striving to complete a ‘challenge’ with others rather than ‘competitors’ competing against each other.

At the end of the day though the challenge has an inherent competitive element which on one hand I enjoy and on the other hand I think can be harmful for the participants self esteem and for the relationships between them.

I would be interested in creating and maintaining a challenge based on this concept. I might start one tonight once I’ve figured out an effective and engaging system :slight_smile:


This is a great idea I’m down 1000% percent, how many people is required?

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@neveragaintw as usual coming up with gems! Great idea.


If you do create that I am in bro.

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Here it is guys, thanks for the idea! @neveragaintw @BreezyJae @WalkWithoutFear

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