New around here, trying another shot to stop PMOing

Hey guys, this is my first time on this app, but not my first time trying to quit pr0n. It’s been hard. I started watching it while quite young, around 12 yo or even before, when I started using internet regularly and entered puberty. Since age 15 I use to watch it regularly and not until 2018, when I made 19 years I understood I that I should stop it.

I always postponed this goal because it was so easy to get my dopamine high, I always bragged to myself that I had no addiction whatsoever, but I was lying to myself. Because p-word addiction is real and when I realised it my spirit got crushed. I tried some apps and I opened up with my girlfriend, but she thinks its normal, even though she is against the p*** industry. Talking to her is nice, I was afraid at first of sharing this but she’s supportive, even though my biggest obstacle is myself.

Now I’m here, trying again, it’s hard, it’s nonlinear, but I have to persist, for the sake of my mental health, the addiction was covering my depression and anxiety behind the flood of dopamine it gave me, but I can’t hide anymore and I have to face my demons on a healthy way.

I’m happy to share my journey with you guys, I’ll try as hard as possible not to relapse.


Welcome. Do you best, you can do it.

Take care.


Welcome to the forum!

Your brain is already well sorted. I have never read such a clear-cut introduction in this forum. You are already aware of your addiction. You have already laid the path. Now you just need to work on it. Consistency is the key.

It will be interesting to follow your journey. All the best. Take care.

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8wkpr7 this is my code. Add me lets be companion. And break this addiction, together​:fire::fire::fire:


Thank you all for your kind words, take care and let’s break this vicious cycle.

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