New 21 days Challenge For No fantasy no fapping (Entries Closed)

Who is in for this challenge ?

It will include points for your fantasy. If you fantasize your point will be reduce. It may go to zero. Similarly if you touch your dick and do not orgasm you have to reduce your points.

Fantasy point will start from 10 and may go to negative. For each day check in you will get 1 point.

Whoever will have highest point will be the winner.

Relpsing include orgasm and watching porn.

The 21 days will be divided in three 7 days part. Each 7 days will have mutual challenge between two person.

I may add more rules as I will go along. This will have Do it Yourself scoreboard. It means you have to be honest and update the scoreboard accordingly.

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Code- pp3rlt
Gender- Male
Name- PrDr
Location- India
I’d like to join this challenge. My current streak is nearly 5 days.


This is the Scoreboard::

PrDr - 0 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 OUT
Mitchy - +10
raushan - +1 +1 -1 -1 +1 out
Rohit_114 - +1
rewire_user - out
dingan - +2
steva8 -
adad -
Sba96 -
josebr -
blackwiz - +6
Ash_Matt -
Fighter_and_Brave - +1
ayushbantaiji - +2

@Mitchy @Rohit_114 @rewire_user @dingan @steva8 @guruct5960 @adad @Sb96 @PrDr

Guys challenge start from today. If you fantasize every time more than 3 minute (you can reduce your point twice a day only)and more you have to be honest and reduce your total point by -1. For every day you will automatically get +1.

All the best guys. Update your scoreboard accordingly. I will check every 5 days everyone’s streak and correct if any discrepancy found.


New Zealand
3 days


Day 1
Check in.
Difficult but not impossible. :slight_smile:

I will add the format today. Not much people have joined the challenge. Should we start now ?


Code: 0k8mjn
Gender: Male
Name: Fizuli
Location: Azerbaijan
Current Streak: 34 days

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171288s ,male, siva, india, current streak is 30 minutes and can anybody tell me about this night fall

I don’t care just tell us when to start and we be off

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Code: e4epam
Gender: Male
Name: @Rohit_114
Location: Rajasthan, India :india:
Current Streak: 8 Days

Count me in

Sharing Code - ko8y31
Name - @rewire_user
India :india:
C.s- 2 Days

9 days

@steva8 nightfall aka wet dream is natural and is NOT a relapse. It’s the process where old semen gets expelled out of you though your sleep. It’s a natural process

no ii is not like that I fap…it was me…

I will update the scoreboard today. Give me time.

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What does it mean? Didn’t get you.

Code - guruct5960
Gender - male
Name - Guru Charan
Location - India
Current Streak - 1 day


eventhough I controlled the urges…i went to bed and I was tired…later around 2 o clock I woke from my sleep…reason I woke is to fap…eventhough I resisted…I could make it …and I fapped…so the question is even in sleep what made arousal and made me do it

Please add me in
Name : adad
S. Code rggxqk

Code- 6th2pt
Gender male
Name sb96
Location India
Current streak 1 day

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