[NeverGiveup420] Wake up, Do your Best, Rest, Repeat- All praises are for Allah Almighty

Bro if you want to stay away from drugs…then " don’t tell I will not think about drugs" think "how to wake up at 4 am: I mean divert your mind to any other topics of your life…divert more and more practice like this …

Now read what you wrote on your post…! :triangular_flag_on_post:
You overcome 4 urges…mean you are thinking about urges…neuron activated which is connected to m* and p* and now your mind knows your weak point …you know what is your weak point !? This is “no fap”.
You will think about nofap and fap nofap and fap…
If suddenly you loose your control then boom!!!

This is the cycle of our human brains… We are not robots that we can delete data with in a sec… But if we add new data then the previous data will be erased automatically.

I wrote shortly … think about this bro…
I did all mistake in my past in my diary I was writing getting urges like this…now I learned from my mistakes…


I was having similar thoughts when I read his post about counting urges :sweat_smile:.
But I thought anything can work for anyone at anytime so I didn’t comment


@_TIGER @Samaranjay i agree with what you are saying that focusing on good habits instead of urges should be done. It will take my mind away from urges.

But counting urges has made me more aware of them effecting me. Im not totally thinking about urges, im just aware of them when they arise. Now i know if im under influence of urges or not so i can decide my actions. Furthermore, i dont see urges as threats anymore, more of natural surge of hormones which i need to get used to. So overcoming urges is giving me confidence and power over them.

Real progress in not staying away and hiding from the enemy for a specific number of days. Real progress is how many times i faced my enemy and overpower it. Im just counting my wins and it makes me feel powerful and happy.

Also, im focusing on specific areas of life which i need to improve and these are my tasks. So im not totally thinking about urges, im just aware of them when they arise.

Thanks for your input, i will try not to be obsessed about urges and will definitely try to be just aware of them and not affected by them.

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Day 3/100… 3% complete

Urges today 2

Urges total 7

I started low intensity exercise from today.
Still i need to control my diet but I’ll start controlling after 3 days. Rest of the activities i havnt started.
I must achieve my targets before day 7.


Awesome bro, whatever works for you, you know yourself better than anyone else does.

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Day 4/100… 4% complete

Urges today 3

Urges total 10

  1. Start exercising and be consistent :heavy_check_mark:
  2. Start controlling Diet❌
  3. Start Reading Quran :x:
  4. Focus in Namaz :heavy_check_mark:
  5. Start Mindset-meditation :heavy_check_mark:

I am tired of fooling myself.

I cannot expect the same result if i do the same thing. I must decide if I really want to change my life or not. If i am willing to sacrifice for that life or not.
I am the biggest loser. But im not a quitter. It time to try again. But this time, ill put in everything ive got. All the mistakes ive made in past, i wont repeat them again.

With every failure, I’m one step closer to free myself. Im right at the door of freedom. And if it does not open, ill kick the door open. I am my biggest enemy. And ive decided to wage a war with myself until i surrender to myself. Until im born anew. I can change myself.

I can heal. I can achieve if i put in enough work. And im ready to experience pain and resistance from my addicted self.
Im going to give it all. Use every trick ive learned so far. And constantly adapt. Lets go!!!

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“Its not that simple” this is the greatest lie.

The fact is, It is that simple. Its me who makes this process complicated. The goal is simple. Focus of Self improvement and dont walk on the path of self destruction. Either build yourself everyday or destroy yourself. Dont worry about future that it will bring powerful urges and triggers. Future will come one day at a time. And dont hold yourself down by the failures of past. Past is past, does not mean if u failed in past that you cannot succeed in future.

So its simple, just focus on making today the new best day of your life. Believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible. People have quit PMO before. Right now there are people who are on day 300 and day 500 and they are not worried about urges, they are spending all their energies to achieve their dreams and goals. You and I can too quit PMO.

One more thing, with every failure, the chance to succeed increases!. Think about it. With every wrong roll of a dice, the chance to get a specific number increases!.
So, its simple. You can change. The question is, will you?


Check in Day 1

Today 1 jogged 1.8 Km.

I stayed away from triggers. Ive realized im not that person who can watch movies and surf internet carelessly and still controls his urges. Ive realized that dopamine detox works best for me. I just need to tweak it a little to prevent failure and avoid overdoing it. At the end of a hardworking day, i must find a relaxing and enjoyable activity.

I dont know if i will reach 30 days or even 15. But i know this, if i put my mind to it, i can avoid a relapse in my current day. And thats what matters.


Nope, i tried controlling while watching anime and it doesnt work. Man, i really need to stop destroying myself.


I’m with you here. The past few days have been hell for me as well. Not giving up is the key. But I’m sure that I’ll make it in time.

You already have set up an incredible streak, brother. No need to be down. You should already know by now, that you can conquer it. The task is Herculean, but possible. That’s all that matters. Don’t worry about it.


What kind of anime do you watch bro :sweat_smile:, I guess there are plenty which are trigger free

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I would suggest being in other’s company instead of watching any digital entertainment, atleast in the initial phase of recovery. Atleast 10 days. The mind is perplexed and weak. It may get tempted very easily during this time.

Also, exercise and praying. Don’t worry. We will all make it.


Best of wishes bro, I pray you achieve self control.

Yes exactly, thanks buddy for the motivation.

Yes, I’m Trying this, it really works. Being in company of others and being busy are 2 best strategies.

Yes, we Will😁

I like many types of anime story, drama, crime, shounen, comedy, action, supernatural, magic etc :joy:
Few days ago I watched demon slayer season 2.

Older animes with good stories are often trigger free. It’s these new comedy animes which have triggers.

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Check in NO PMO Day 3

Right now, my target is no PORN ever. And no fap till Sunday which will be day 7. On Sunday I’ll decide if I want to fap once or go for another week.
With so many failures and damaged mental and physical health, I’ve decided not to hurry the recovery process.

I’ll target porn addiction head on. And I’ll either abstain from fap altogether or control the frequency.


It was awesome :fire:

Oh ok :sweat_smile:, I don’t watch that many animes so I don’t know that much.


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Check In Day 0

I’ve been a fool thinking just fapping would be easy. No, it leads to porn. I’ve been a fool thinking watching movies carelessly would cause no problem, no, for a person in chaser effect, it pushes u to relapse.

Aah shit, here we go again…
I’ve decided to start again my no PMO Journey the only way I know. Total dopamine detox. :cry::joy: What the hell!. At least I’ll have a streak of 50 plus days because without dopamine detox I cant even reach 7 days.

I need to do this. And I will do this. Let’s go!!!

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Ah :sweat_smile::joy:, whatever works for you bro, maybe a day will come when you’ll be able to maintain that detox for the rest of your life. Keep trying :handshake: and I don’t have to tell you nevergiveup because it’s your name :joy:

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Yep that’s the goal, I know there are people who don’t waste their time watching movies and playing games. I have some friends that don’t watch movies or play games. But they go out and play outdoor games.
If I work on building my life and my career, I won’t need pleasure. But if I’m not busy, I’m bored, I have nothing to do, no drive then I will want to occupy my mind with entertainment.

Screen is not the only source of entertainment. Before screen, people enjoyed their life more and were more happy.

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