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Why I want a companion - never thought I was addicted until 13 days ago. My wife caught me masturbating and has spent a bunch of time since wondering what’s wrong with her. Hurting someone you care about because of your habbits is pretty much the definition of addiction. I won’t let anything come between me and my wife, that is far too high of a price. I’m going to beat this and am looking for some people to help hold me accountable an I offer the same assistance in return. We can beat this together.

My code is cf9a15.

Welcome. A lot of married men are here on this forum trying to save their marriage. I hope that your wife isn’t filing for divorce, and hopefully you find the help on this forum that you need.

She isn’t filing for divorce she is standing by my side being supportive as ever and trying to make sure I get the help I need. But the guilt I feel for what I did is almost dehabilitating. I never thought about it in terms of I’m cheating on her even if it’s mentally and not physically, it’s just as bad.

Well that’s a relief. A lot forum users are at risk of divorce. I hope things work out with you too.

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