Neohomos, 13,873 days old,

Today I decided to start this journey here. I have been porn free for 223 days.

After 25 years I honestly never thought I would go more than 4 days. But the accountability changed my life.

Now I want to challenge myself to improve my sexual and emotional wellbeing. I love without much rules and integrity and it’s reckless and hard to build a future around. I have a lot to say but I’ll start by saying I’m a dad, separated from my wife and I have several women that I am talking to. I choose my separation but I see it’s been hard on me financially and spiritually.

I feel I needed this to improve so I am not very regretful —- more so thankful and grateful that God is walking with me as I thought he would have abandoned me long ago. Thanks folks for the support!


Welcome to the community man!

Dang! 223 days is an amazing streak! Mind sharing some details on your accountability strategies that have kept you clean?

I wish you all the best in pursuing your new goals :+1:

If you have any questions about this forum or need any help with anything just let me know! Although based on your streak and life experience, there is probably much more I could learn from you haha.


Thanks man ! I’m going to be honest in my journal. I’m not done with this stuff even if I haven’t stayed in the muck. It’s time to update my goals or I’m gonna slip backwards.