Negative red counter

I’m still newbie here, so I’m not familiar what category should I put it.

This is my first time seeing a negative counter (I’m quite worried to that companion of mine, I can’t message him perhaps he still.Don’t have access to messages). That’s many relapse in a day right? Frankly I wish that’s just a bug.

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Lol? You should talk to the admin.

So sad to say it’s not a bug, my companion have a several relapse on the same day. As of now I’m glad to say his counter is normal again.

Wow, so theres a negative counter. I wish I never see my counter on negative.

We should really work hard not that have that. :slight_smile:
I’m trying my best to always be on guard. Sometimes I feel like a paranoid but Triggers will always be triggers.
Let’s do our best.

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