Neee assistance on random events (Discussion)

Do come across some random advertisement consider as edging? Twitter started giving me some weird slutty highlights which leads me to private my profile. Hahaha, it won’t work on me cause I turned off all the notifications afterwards.

Besides, the most intriguing thing is this happens when I’m on a high streak (while on proper mindset). Sometimes, some random girl sent their shirtless pic to me. I have no idea how to respond but I think I knew her somewhere. Have anyone ever experienced this sort of challenge before?

Similar things happen after climbing back to a good life, a guy talks to me while I was at a bus stop. He tells me a story that is soon related to sex. He says it’s important to release semen once in a while and what makes me convinced because he somehow knew I shaved my private part. He tells me not to shave that part. The question here is how the heck he knew I shaved? This guy tells me he is a massage expert. He even brought some expensive ayurvedic oil as proof to me. Then he wants to massage my dragon and make me feel better. I was too ignorant he just wants to make me released. But he has his story on the previous guy before me. I have no idea if I came across some weird gay or manipulative freak.

So wth right. I wonder have everyone has experienced this before. If so, do respond to the 3 situations stated above. It feels like some supernatural power is trying to get me into relapse. The end line here is, I often learn from my previous encounter.

(Ps: btw i write this while in the toilet. somehow i accidentally press post while the post is not finished yet. But i think i stop there lol,fyi if you wandering why i edit it)


(Fyi he complemented my dragon and i last long lol. Unfortunately, my virginity is taken by a guy. Fk)


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@Hyperion That is really Relatable shirtless photos or sex invitation by random girls. But massage part was really funny and unique one for your case :joy::joy: Yes I do feel there is someone supernatural who want to test our willpower in this by creating more nd more hurdles :joy:
Anyway Whatever the situation would be I want to stick myself with this journey as it really give me lot of confidence and will power. More energy to do my daily works…

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@MandyNOFAP I still wondering how that person knew i shaved lol i was both fascinated and terrified :joy::joy::joy: end up doing what he wanted.

Also on the other situation, i often cycling in the morning but one day a car block my way (i’m so spooked lol) and a girl step out of the car and invite me for a drink at a nearby bar. She has some sort masculine rough voice. I doubt i’m talking to a guy in girl clothing. I politely decline. Damnnn this happen when i was 16 yrs old. He tells me about massage too. Something in common as the previous story. Later i confirmed that she is a dude cuz when i go to a retaurant Iwith my friends i spotted a familar present of that girl. His body size and face are somewhat comparable. Fk why men alwys following me lol goddamit… Am i that feminine you boys wanted me so much😂

U are lucky to have an actual female inviting you… :joy:

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Buddy, It sounds really crazy at first… I am amazed to hear these people are interested to you. I hope you dont end up your feelings on them. Anyway, Keep urself away from them if you are not interested by your side.
Seems like these people have started massage as first step😆

Actually I am now focused on my body and my health in these days, So my Body shape has improved that makes me a Sex object for these random bored girls which i straightly refuse if anyone invites…
I am thinking world is now moving into sex than talk.

Society is too bored without goals these days that there prime objective is to fulfill thirst of their genticals.
So i feel that No PMO shows a reality over virtual world where you can focus on new skills and goals​:sweat_smile::joy:

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I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


i often think it in that way, the eternal struggle ad infinitum. The world will constantly test our capacity to give in the face of rejection and failures. Be steadfast until the end.

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