Needs ayurvedic treatment

Hello everyone

These days ,I’m frequently facing the wet dream problem. Last week,I faced WD continuous 2 days in a row and again in this week too I’m getting wet dreams in continuous 2 days in a row. This is affecting my mental stability,and also as a result of wet dream,I feel very lethargic next day

Please help

Abstaining myself from ma*** is probably the reason for getting WD,also I don’t want to get into habit of doing that sh*t


Hey bro,
Speaking of myself, from past experience
When I have alot of sexual thoughts and fantasize, I would get wetdreams

If you watch porn as well will have same effect.

Imaging sexual action,it self is enough for your body to produce semen, and so it have to release it at some point, at night.

Are you having strong sexual thoughts ? Are you fantasising? Just answer it to your self

Bro plz help me i am too disturbed from my relationship and i m not able to focus on my studies. Should i breakup with her or not?

You know your situation best
Plus, I never had a gf, zero experience with relationships

If it’s superficial relationship then end it and focus on your life. If it’s serious then get her support. Lean on her.

Good luck


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