Need your help🥺

Hello guys

I’m really struggling with my nasty habits…let me tell you upfront that I’m not addicted to PMO. I hate to watch porn and do the shit. What’s my real problem is that I am addicted to jerking off to real ladies either by thinking about them or secretly watching them. I hate myself myself for this habit :pleading_face:
Trust me guys I don’t have any other bad habits,i.e I don’t smoke or drink alcohol or say dirty languages. But day by day ,my urges are getting very stronger. The moment I see a beautiful lady anywhere I get instantly an urge to touch my dick…
I don’t know what to do… I’m really sorry to ask but I need your help. I don’t want to become a jerk.

I’m not exaggerating myself but I am a good looking and smart boy by today’s standards( I’m by no mean flexing myself). I struggle talking to unknown girls. I just can’t maintain eye contact with them,let alone getting them to become my gf.

I had one high school crush,I was so much into her that I was blind to her behaviour that she was using me for getting passed in exam with good grades. I was a topper in my class,and I was very good at maths and physics. I literally showed my maths paper to her during board exam,and then she got more than 90 marks out of 100. Can you imagine!! The girl who didn’t even used to pass the maths exam has gotten so much marks.
I proposed her after our schooling was over. She rejected me saying her family won’t accept our relationship and then after few months she broke all contacts with me, blocked me in Facebook. I was ghosted suddenly without knowing what had happened. Later after one year I got the news that she has made a new bf from one of my mutual friends I was so broken :sob::pleading_face: that from then onwards I never looked at women with respect… I treated women as some piece of shit… that’s when I started to masturbate by looking at them

Thanks for reaching

I’m broken :sob: and need your wise words

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You seem like a troll to me . Dude I have also given boards and got more than 95 in maths , and as far I know 2 invigilators are present in the centre and showing whole paper is not feasibly possible…

Anyways if you are not , just do some pushups and take a cold shower to avoid urge.


Start reading easy peasy book of porn addiction
This book works on all sex related addictions.
Read it once and you’ll be fine


It was in 2014 though… The invigilator knew that I was showing my paper to her. He walked to her and said that she should buy a chocolate for me after the exam is over

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He lives in India. And you don’t know how we can cheat in exam. :joy::joy: and sometimes the invigilators gives us chance to cheat in exam.


Nothing wrong in that. But maybe you should stop being smart alone and start being wise. People will use you if you are blind with two eyes

That’s almost the same as porn but with people you know in real life. :eyes: Don’t let your brain fool you by saying it’s not porn so it’s okay.
Fight the urge.

Cross 3 months of nofap (without peeking, fantasizing and masturbating) and then DM me again if you still lack the confidence to talk to girls. Though I think you should focus on studies for now, lest you get a repeat of what happened in 10th grade. Let your executive brain develop a bit( it comes with age) and then try to look for girls.


Thanks brother…
Your minds are powerful and thought provoking

Ok I will try ( or will) to cross 90+ days of nofap. And then I will you DM you personally

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Bro, I am sorry if I offend you but right now, you’re behaving like the epitome of being a stupid loser. Anyone who treats you good so that you can help them in accomplishing something wrong, is not worth the trust. Believe me, you got lucky that this girl rejected you before things could go worse, because such kind of immoral people don’t know how to be faithful and trustworthy. I’m certain that she was using your mutual friend just like she used you, and then she’ll use others everywhere she goes. I wouldn’t say this otherwise, but there’s a complete breed of these kind of people who “sleep their way to the top”. As much as you’d hate it, not only women, but many good looking men do that too. So, its not good to look down upon an entire gender because of one person. Also, its funny that you don’t see women in good light, but then you’re also masturbating for them, losing your vitality. Come on man, who are you fooling besides yourself. Get some fresh air, clear your head and don’t touvh your member after seeing a female again.


All I can say that you’re what I always wanted to be
I could never be that person in high school/college.
(My score in math was 79 in highschool :grin:)
But I haven’t given up yet and I’m still trying to figure my way out
You’ve got potential man. You can’t let it go to waste. Can you?

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Thanks brother for such powerful words. I lack self control. I have to control it. I want to become a good human too

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