Need Your Help guyz!

From last 2 days iam starting have that unusual again. Iam losing my appetite. Iam feeling very lonlely! I feel like iam running away , escaping from something. Iam on day. 32 and soon it is going to be day 33 . But iam feeling very lonely and sad. Mainly because of loneliness! I don’t know what to do. Anybody of you can help or relate , please tell!

Probably, whenever you feel alone, you must have masturbated in the past, or spent time avoiding that loneliness by watching porn. Or may be you are just lonely without all that before. But whatever it is, learn to be self sufficient bro. Start more habits that are good and beneficial for you in the long run, use time wisely on the ones thats best for u, or go for walks, talk with friends, plenty bro.You are enough. Also, being self sufficient does have a lot pros, use this time to look inwards. If you are happy with yourself and you dont need external factors to he happy, you are unstoppable, and then when you find the right person, things are going to be amazing. But without being self sufficient, if we go on dating, the relationship will start getting unhealthy. You got the chance now to focus inwards, think of that as positive, watch some videos and such regarding those, work on those and learn to be self sufficient.


Yes that is true! Lonliness is the main reason i masturbated! Thanks For the advice. I really need to develop more habits and i have to look inwards! Need to learn to be self sufficient! Thanks Again Brother!
I will follow this.

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Exactly!!! That’s what iam facing !!
It all starts somewhere here only , then brain starts looking for things which which are more worse !!
Brain tell you that !! Comeon !! We are strong , let’s just watch porn !! Iam not going to fap !! But ends doing it !
You can msg me whenever you feel loneliness !!
I feel same !!
But iam not going to watch porn !!! Iam strong !! I will make it happen

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