Need urgent Help!

Hello Warriors

I have been on Nofap streak for the past 24 days. But since 2-3 days I have been feeling very tired and my legs are paining. It feels like all my muscles are in fatigue. Please advice as to why is it happening.
Also I have not relapsed and not indulged myself in any exhaustive activity.

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Dont panic bro, It happens your legs will pain. It happens with me too.

Just take a cold shower.
Dont think of any thing and have a good sleep.
Massage your legs daily.
Dont peek.

And maintain your body eat palak panner or any green vegetable’s sabji, or eat salad. And drink a lot of water.

When I was in 8th i slipped from the stairs and eventually my back was paining and the whole left leg was numb for a week. Then i ate palak panner and maintain a diet with green vegetables and a bunch of fruits. It just took one week to get recovered. Well doctors, told me that it will take upto 3 weeks.:expressionless:

So, maintain a healthy lifestyle and massage your legs.

Hope it helps😊


Is it normal to feel fatigue and muscle pain during Nofap??

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Yes it is i was also feeling just go for massage. It will help you.

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As now your semen start to collect i will suggest you
– Start Meditation (When Take a long breathe Inn visualize as rays of enegeries goes upward and when release the breathe visualize the expansion of rays on mind)

– Then do Good Workout (There are plenty of Full Body Workout Plans)

– Then take cold Water Shower

– Eat Healthy Food and Vegetables (Oats, muesli, fruits, etc)

Keep the good work brother !


If you feel tired all the time then congratulations you’ve entered the flatline…
(Flatline is a milestone stage of reboot process).
If it is a muscle pain still don’t worry give it a massage and it will go away

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Bro do stretching , cold showers etc.
It is likely something small and will go away.
Also, you may be experiencing flatline as you are on day 24 as brothers pointed out. Relax, take it easy, one day at a time. Do meditate, read, and workout if you don’t. The trick about flatline is to act instead of trying to wait it out. Do stuff that keeps you happy!


Thank you bro for this much needed advice.


Thank you bro. Your advice is appreciated.

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Besides all ideas before my post, consider putting bananas in the list. They are very good for muscles in general, specially for your limbs.

My morning ritual is getting up, washing my face, drinking 2 glasses of water and some 2 minutes later eating at least 1 banana, maybe two if they’re small. If you constantly have muscle related problems like this, and every day routine should really help.