Need suggestions

I tried many times but always ended with relapse
Sometime 2 day streak some time 3 day and 2 times 5 day streak so This time I think I should break the small goals like 5 days streak and fap only one time ( no porn no erotic material without this trash) and gradually increase
what you say guys ?

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Ofcourse, rooting for you.

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from my experience, i tried this method last year, but it was not helpful. I kept thinking about that day couldn’t focus on anything, at the end i couldnt make it to that day.
but you are not me, you can atleast give a try! all the best.
keep the intent of quitting it forever. even if u fail, try again


Every one is different for me it’s like no fap no porn otherwise I’ll just be the same as I was before so like me… I don’t fap whether it is with porn or without… but that doesn’t mean I didn’t relapse… I relapsed maybe 15 times last year or more than that… but I didn’t watch porn for a single time… and in my opinion the major problem is created by porn… porn is what that creates unnecessary fetishes in our mind and trust me if you don’t watch porn for an year or so… or some say 5 months your mind will not remember the things they do in porn… literally I’m saying this with my experience… you can masterbate it’s upon you… how you want to quit that but remember a single rule just don’t watch those erotic stuff… and obviously you shouldn’t masterbate like daily… you can increase streak slowly but yeah just don’t watch porn… and you’ll see after 3 months when you quit porn and masterbation that your mind is rewired and I mean you can have a normal sexual life not a violent one that porn shows… I mean that’s not what a girl wants everyone knows that… if you have watched asli mard web series on YouTube that shows perfectly the problems caused by porn… so yeah quit porn absolutely and go on increasing your streak of no fap slowly… and if this also doesn’t work then you should just quit fapping… I mean like don’t fap even a single time your mind will obviously play games and tricks but you’ll just have to pass that 3 week streak and then it would be easier… trust me…


No, I’d advise against that. Like it says in Easy peasy (a book you must read if you are serious about quitting- I think it would help you a lot), if you refrain from PMO for 5 days and then binge, PMO becomes a sort of reward for you.

You’d go five days of depression and fighting cravings and then finally on day 5 go all out. This makes PMO seem like a treat instead of the poison that it is.

You are not refraining from a good thing. You are stopped the consumption of a poison in your life.

Would you eat Cyanide because you like the taste of almonds?

The same must be your response to PMO. Porn in particular.


Yes I decided the same thing
As I observed myself I feel craving >then we erotic stuff > relapse
So decided to don’t watch that erotic stuff
And that will break the chain
So it become easier for me to don’t masterbate because in that condition I have no reason(erotic trasj) to fap
As I understood no one is addicted to masturbation majority are addicted to erotic stuff like me which results in relapse

What you say bro?

Hey wuts up, alpha here.
I swear to god im telling the truth.
When I first started nofap, i reached day 30 on my 1st attempt.
This was only because having lotta social contact during my online classes.
I was never addicted to PMO, but i really wanted to build on my religious spirituality.
After this i relapsed few days after day 30 as i lost hope and gave up.
Now I’ve started again as I’ve achieved my clarity of goal. The reason I’ve started doing this. I want to build a better version of myself in personality, spirituality as well as physical and mental health.
I’ve been studing human psychology for 2 years now.
On the basis of this, i can say that you must have a clarity of goal why youre doing this and always fear the consequences of your failures so that you dont repeat it again.


Exactly that’s why I said in any condition you shouldn’t watch porn I think first 3 weeks are toughest but after that it becomes a lot easier to keep yourself busy


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