Need someone to be accountable to

Sharing code - 8d8e95c

Current streak - 1.5 days
Highest streak - 3 days
Age - 18
Gender - M
Location - UK

Why I want a companion - My life has started going downhill since I developed this addiction.
I have tried a lot of methods to get rid of it but I always relapsed after a few days.
I read somewhere that accountability forces a person to be better.
I would really appreciate a few companions :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Feel free to add me as you like

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Adding you right now.
Let’s help each other overcome this.

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If you don’t mind please add 078d0f
I’m from Indonesia btw
Let’s free from this addiction

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Thanks man
Appreciate the help…:grin::grin:

Hi, guys my code is 2b410de. Add me if you’d like.

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Hi brothers, here is my code, add me, and beat together the fapmonster :slight_smile:
Code: 01d477
Age: 22
Current streak 3 days, its my third (and I hope the last) attempt, and highest streak is 14 days.

Hi, Add me!
username: supersaiyan_21
code: 23f8b8
current streak: 16 days
Highest streak: 89 days

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Oh man. You had one huge streak. My present one is my longest as well. You all are welcome :smiley::smiley:

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My code: 23f8b8
I added you :slight_smile:

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My code: 23f8b8
I added you

My code: 23f8b8
I added you…

My code: 23f8b8
I added you tooo

This might be insignificant for some of you but my current streak is the longest since I started watching ■■■■. My sincere thanks to all of you and I challenge you all to see who survives longest.:grinning::grinning::grinning:The battle is on!!

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Please add me with you. I don’t know my code or how to add.

Go to home
Then to My companions
Then tap the three dots on left bottom corner
Now tap on my sharing code
Send that sharing code to the forum or whomsoever you want yourself to be added with
Option to add others is there as well

Please add me! I’m just starting and I’d like an accountability partner and even just someone to vent to! a79ad0a


Added you. Let’s do this!

Okay added you derek

Feel free to add me bro. Added you already, let’s do this. 694139f

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