Need Some Help From My Fellas - Day 132

From The past 2 days, i’ve been feeling some strong urges.
Body wants sex
Any advice and help ?

My Code - 557053
You can add me and drop yours, so that i can add you too !

body wants everything what it likes.
Question is does you want that.
If answer is Yes.
Then no need to ask anybody.
Go for it.
If there is confusion. I suggest you some video help.
I am personal messaging you wait.


When the person is depressed the body wants him to do suicide that doesn’t mean one should do that, Thinking about porn and masterbation is harm more than good, Keep your mind busy do something else, Just forget about porn, Forget that it exist, We have 86,400 seconds in a day use them wisely once it gone you can not get it back, Make your future bright by doing something now.