Need some advice on this matter


ITS Not about days. but your mindset. if you confront yourself & be really honest, I dont think I am ready to give up PMO… any senpai please enlighten me

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I have the exact same problem. I want to want to quit if that makes any sense. On the surface I want to quit but deep in myself I know that there is this part of me that thinks pmo is the only way to escape anxiety and stress or even boredom. I think that this is part of the rewiring of our brain. It will probably take a while of dedicated nofap to get over this barrier but i don’t know for sure.


I can understand this. I personally don’t watch porn but my masterbation amount was way too high. I’ve only been doing no PMO for 9 days but just from keeping though when I finally had sex it was Soo much better. It wasn’t in excess but I felt complete unlike before no PMO when my body said it was never enough.

So I say before you decide to do no PMO think about the future. What do you want to gain from it? What can you gain? Think of things that you normally wouldn’t associate with sex.

I’ve seen people who say their confidence improves, their mindset, interactions, relationshisps, even just time. See what there is that you want and then try. Aim for a week. See how you feel. Are you feeling closer to your goal? Then go for a month. Closer to that goal? If you set a goal and reach it and no PMO still isn’t helping then maybe it’s not the PMO that is effecting you but first you need to find that goal of your own.


It’s up to you dude, PMO caused me a lot of problems and basically ruined my life, so i know that I want this. But you have to evaluate your own life and decide for yourself.

I will add my personal opinion in, but feel free to take it or leave it, I’m not trying to act like I know your life. But I think that even if one claims to be fine doing PMO it’s just because they haven’t experienced life without it. And even if they have tried nofap, they probably didn’t reach enough days to really feel the benefits. Kinda like living in your own shit doesn’t seem that bad if you always lived in it, at least until you take a couple showers and feel/smell the difference. If that makes sense

But again, I can’t speak for you and my opinion is just my opinion. I would think it over and decide for yourself :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. Right now DAY 2 I don’t feel any urge. Maybe that was craving talking. After getting a glimpse of cues it just sticks and the thoughts kept bugging me for hours that I slept so not have to fight. Made me confuse with real sex and sex from self gratification. Thin line but we can see the differences… I failed though last time cause of depression. Things just got real cloudy when the fight is on but the blame is always on myself

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I feel you man! Hey I’ll tell you if your feeling depressed or have bad urges, it can really help to go for a long run or do a lot of intense exercise. It releases those stressful and sad feelings and it makes you feel really great. I’d try that next time and see if that helps :slight_smile:

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Yeah! thanks for reminding that! Almost forgot this:muscle:

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