🙋‍♂️ Need Serious Help

I am going through very serious phase…
I don’t know from where to start…
but Currently masturbating daily became my habit… Since I lost my girlfriend or you can say she was more than that.(I don’t wanna go in detail) it’s like I lost everything in my life, every single thing which is my demotivation I started visualizing it.
Whenever I see any couples, I feel jealous that why they are together, what’s wrong with me? Why don’t I get any partner even when I reveal them everything whatever I have? I do love them whole heartedly…
Why I get hurt in the end? What’s my fault?

On regular basis. … I do this
After coming home from office like 11pm I eat dinner and then when I go to bed boom :boom: relapsed(not only once sometimes twice) ! :worried:

I tried every single thing people told to do especially on nofap. But I wasn’t consistent after a 15 or 25days…
Last month around 45days I continuesly did workout.
But that time this Masturbation habit was like once in a week (when I use to workout). Somehow I loose consistency & I came back to zero.

I wanna stop this habit. Why??

  1. I started taking long sleeping hours(sleeping more than usual 9+hrs) waking up late.
  2. I feel lazy in morning (after I relapsed last night).
  3. I became emotionless after relapse(same day).
    I can’t cry even if I want to…
  4. I started procrastinating daily tasks/habits
  5. I stopped looking at my diet(eating less than usual)
  6. Health became worse(started shrinking muscle mass, what I gained after workout)
  7. Getting irritated and angry very easily(next day) either in office or home.
  8. Gets more bored than usual. (Digital device usage became more than physical handbook)
  9. I stopped working hard for my career/ I feel scared to try new opportunities.
  10. I feel inferior when someone talk to me in louder voice.

This list will goes on like this and many more negative points are there which shows that I am becoming a looser every single day…
Currently I can’t stop myself doing this everyday.
I know it’s have many demerits… But by thinking about future, I don’t see anything good for me… Only worse I see for myself and I feel like I am incapable to fix my life alone.

I want to change my whole character (many behavior needs to change) … Like people changing their life by using nofap lifestyle.

I want to stop this… If anyone can help me… Then please do the needful.

l will be very grateful for this community…


If I may ask, what was your highest streak?


Tbh since I started I just reached till 21days(total clean) not more than that.


And then were you never able to reach that milestone again ?? I mean look bro, I’m no super streaker like many people on this community but I know that keep on trying even you relapse after one week. I mean if you relapse once a week (as you mentioned) you are atleast able to abstain for 6 days right??
On the seventh day be more careful and just get by that day… Slowly then increase your streaks… That was what I knew bro


:point_down: kindly read this


So you mean that you weren’t able to keep up the consistency and are relapsing everyday?


Exactly!!! That is the whole point we started this journey…


Everyone has a breaking point. And beyond that point there is freedom. Just go through it. Don’t be scared and even if you are, just get up and move on.

That’s all everyone here is trying to do. I believe you should do the same. It sucks but you fight. You make it difficult for the situation to defeat you.

This is my personal opinion, and also a potential solution. Or that’s how I wish to think. I’m trying to do the same shit. So it’s all I can tell you.


Exactly that’s what I wanna say…
I wanna share my feelings to someone(in DM) who can understand me.
For that I wanna help…

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Hey dude your story resonated in similar tone with my past. You can DM me and I will let you what are things I did to overcome dialy masturbation.

Let’s me tell you one thing very upfront,stop this habit of masturbating,it gives nothing, literally nothing. You may get temporary relief after doing it,may feel you can get over gf break up but trust me it won’t be.


Thanks for the advice bro
I won’t take this advice litely from now on.

You’re saying literally same how I feel & why I do…

I will DM you soon. If I feel uncontrollable emotions.


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