Need serious help please

Hello guys,
Three months back I started nofap, actually I was trying to do nofap from 2-3 years but was failing every couple of days, but this time I was getting successful I completed 48 days got the benefits of nofap and all, but I relapsed, the reason being that I wanted an orgasm that good feeling in the brain, and I then started reading articles about how to have an orgasm without ejaculation and all such things, I desperately wanted an orgasm tho I wanted to complete 90 days of nofap. Thus I relapsed on day 48 and then I told myself this time I will hit 90 day mark and started again, little did I know I again ejaculated after a week and then I started the streak again, the reason being the same that I wanted an orgasm but without ejaculation, I literally spent nights searching about it, prostate orgasm and what not, now after 3 months I am still at day 0, masturbating again and again, relapsing again and again after every 7-8 days, the reason is still the same,
I recently ejaculated 5 mins before writing this post, I really want to get over this self destructive addiction and I want to build my life, I want to preserve my semen and focus on my career, please help me how should I tackle this. I desperately want to be in nofap mode, please guys I need help.


:pray: Blessings on you bro. The problem is obviously this idea “I need an orgasm”

There’s many ways you can answer “why?”
For that I suggest,

  • not asking the question yet.
  • keeping clean for some time - just a few days or a week.
    The point in this being - to be calm, relaxed, Stoic and pragmatic in your questioning.

For me, if I’m frantic or desperate to solve an issue, my thinking is compromised by my emotions and desire for a black and white answer.


Keep calm , po** was never a choice , and the desire was a solution to worries, but on the contrary, my friend, you are entitled to relapse but to change your comfort zone by p*** you know how dam you get this , you choose so you have to not lose bro .
Stay strong .


Brother I know how you feel. I can understand you. I’ve been there for months and years. I’ll start nofap fully motivated won’t even reach 10 days. Relapse and go back to 0. Again repeat. I used to think that my life was over. Everything is over. I will never get out of this shit. But now things are changing. Mainly after coming in this app and being accountable to some of the serious FAPSTRONAUTS in this app. Now Iam focused and urges don’t even hit me nowadays. I spent time very wisely. Now Iam in a situation where death is better than porn. Get into that kind of attitude bro. Then only you can get out of this shit. Get serious accountability partner and focus your entire energy on your purpose. You can do this brother @psyonic

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