Need serious companions (2Male 2 Female)

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Age - 22
Gender - M
Location - IND

Why I want a companion - *
I want some hardcore companions who push each other to break this habit , we will keep on checking each others


Yea sure man i am interested.
My code : 512gp2
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Highest streak : 15 Days

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Age 20
Gender M

I’m down for having new mates for helping each other.

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Hey, it’s great to see that you’re motivated to get companions to help each other. But I do recommend only the same sex gender to help you. It’s very easy to forget about your other male members and be tempted by your female companions. While you may not see it, asking for female companions is a bit of a PMOer thing to say…
Anyway, I wish you all the best my brother!
God bless.


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Age 17
Gender M
Why i want a companion
Because i want to create a positive spirit that motivates me to stop my addiction


Hey anuj i need a companion too

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Gender M

I want a companion so we canencourage each other. I help when you are weak and you help when I am weak


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Age - 16
Gender - M
Location - ECU

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