Need serious companion

I am looking for a serious companion, to check in every week with. We would set a time every week in which we would talk about our addiction, life, harships and success, and help each other out. I insist that I am looking for consistent people, not just texting for 2-3 weeks but staying on the long term and developing real friendship. I would like 1-3 guys like this, so that we can keep in touch every so often. If you are interested, please leave your age, gender, average streak and highest streak on this thread, then PM me.
Have a nice day!


Hey there, looking for a serious accountable battle buddy as well. Not looking for codependency if you know what I mean, but interdependence while going at this with quality people.
My longest streak is about 21 days.
Looking forward to working with you!

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23, male, New to nofap, no streak so far. Planning to quit completely in starting 2021

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Hi, I’m 19 yo
I have 5 days in no fap
And im also finding a partner

Hi, I’m 15 biggest streak 54, but current 0

I’m looking for a companion too.
Age 23
Longest no fab:15
Current no fab:0

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