Need of motivated companion(s)

Sharing code - rsyg30

Current streak - 1day
Highest streak - 7 days
Age - 27
Gender - M
Location - India

Need of companion (s) to get rid of this addiction and keep each other motivated.


Code’s gugjm6 feel free to add :slight_smile:

If you’re still there just repond… @s123
I will help you…in whatever way you want help…!!

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Hello friend, if you want I can be another companion on your journey, my code is: dbjmb2

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I’m here too man!
Code: buhaso

Let’s do this together.:v:

Stay engage , we are here together trying , helping each other without any judgement or hurting , I hope that you will find your peace by enjoying … stay focus and breath like it’s your last one always .

Welcome @s123 .
Don’t give up what ever happened .
Be engage .


M 25 here , feel free to add me…sharing code - 9asqb0