Need of a HEALTHY companion to share and talk

Joined just a week ago. Looking for highest streak.

Sharing code - oru7ov
Current streak - 02 days
Highest streak - 05 days
Age - 29
Gender - M
Location - Karachi,PK

Why I want a companion:
Because I feel alone, and I mostly relapse because of this feeling of loneliness. Probably, because sometimes we really need someone who can keep us motivated.
Moreover, I believe that individuals with opposite gender can AUGMENT the nofap process if they really participate in a healthy way.
Therefore, I need a companion where we can mutually help each other in a coordinated way, probably a female one. Looking for girls, preferably. But, boys are also welcome.


Hey! I’m looking for mates as well! Btw Get out and meet people! You deserve it!


Thanks Buddy forkr the advice. :slight_smile:

Hi I’m in
What do you wanna ask?

I think considering you age,you should start look for a partner. It’s quite obvious that at your age you need a female more than a male

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Yeah. But u know what. No body gives a shit Because of my pathetic condition caused by excessive masturbation :cold_sweat:

Anyways, what about you.

im in :cowboy_hat_face:
Also looking for companions to motivate me

Thanks. Gonna add u too :slight_smile:

BTW What is your code?

Age doesn’t mean shit. If a guy needs our help, then we’ll help.

I’ve got you brother.
Sharing code :7aedf4


Don’t worry everything will be OK once you start nofap
If you have anything to discuss personal you can always DM me

Hey bro

I am too going through loneliness and stuff, you can reach out anytime you want.

Add me as companion

Sharing code: l6ankk

Well. U can add me. Using “oru7ov” code

Add u … thanks bro.

To anyone on this thread I’m 22 male that would love to help anyone out. Share code ixngs2

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