Need help...!.....,..........,

After masturbation paining in chest ,short breath ,weaknesses in lower body ,bones crackling,anxiety and nervousness…what to do I can’t understand anybody who overcome this symptom help me asap…

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Did you masturbate without any urge? Just with aggression

Without any urges…BC oz I’m feeling nervous ,a chain of thought bother me and keep thinking ,on same day after PMo I can’t even sleep i was getting restless when gong to sleep,and Today I felt as if someone had put a stone in my chest

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Haiyya why you do you it. You will get pain because you removing essential from your body necessary for normal functioning of life.

Then you are asking why so weak?
You have problem of over desire take it .

Listen it no more you need now. Go go listen it.


Acute chest pain might or might not be related to masturbation. If your symptoms continue/worsen, you should see a doctor because it can be deadly. Stay safe!

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I also felt that but only when i masturbated without any urges with aggression so i think it’s nothing to worry don’t need to see doctory for everytime for everything if it’s persists then you can go no problem

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