Need help Urgency


Guys , i need a good teacher right now
please who has experiance to do a long time nofap journey Helps me , ive questions to ask and need advices
Please …


I’ve been doing NoFap for more than a year already but I’m gonna leave you some advices.

First of all make sure, I mean, look in the mirror and tell yourself that porn and masturbation has ruined you. First set your mindset to this.

Second, quit social media and anything else that has thots and triggering nature in general. Avoid movies with triggering content.

Third, drink plenty of water, have a good sleep schedule, try and eat healthy as much as possible. You can eat junk food if you wish but reduce it to a bare minimum and/or treat yourself with it when you reach a milestone.

Fourth would be deflecting urges which I usually do with deep breathing and/or exercise. Just acknowledge that your urges will be part of you, most likely through your entire life but intensity will vary.

Pull the strength from your urges and always do something productive, even if that means simply reading a book to draw your mind away from the urges.

Be patient, time heals most of the wounds.


Also some people do the ‘‘work-arounds’’ such as edging but not orgasming/ejaculating or watching porn for months but not touching themselves to reach climax etc.
I would avoid any of this though and go straight to hard mode. It is the fastest way to heal your body and soul from the corruption you fell to.

Now comes the 1 million dollar question ‘How many months until I’m fully healed’? - well, that’s a hard one, true, but if you fapped to porn for more than 5 years straight even once a week I dare to say at least a year. Especially if you did that during your teenage years - developing phase.

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im thankfull for your replay

U know , i dont get horny by seeing girls in real life , i mean my brain is not 24H think about sex
my problem is bringing phone to bathroom and masturbate by watching porn
Sometimes when i avoide carrying phone to bathroom , i did nofap for like 10 days and 7 days last 2 months , but with 1 relapse , i go crazy relapsing every day or every 2 day , And so
The only reason that i carry phone to bathroom is watching porn , i tell myself: i just watch some newporns to enjoy , just a bit , and i dont masturbaye , but on the first seccend that i Move on porn site , ill just relapse and masturbate
and , help me for this …


Don’t be hard on yourself if you relapse. We’ve all been there. Just be persistent.
Hard mode btw - No PMO ( that includes edging, sex, ejaculating and everything visual/physical pleasure). No work arounds.


and one more is , that 2 times that i reached 7 days and the other time that be 10 days with no fap

i was telling myself that cause of not doing masturbate for 10 days , go and masturbate , it would feel like real sex
and it was never be
but this fantasy thoughts made me relapse those 2 times


It’s simple, your phone is the both cause (alongside) you and effect. You wouldn’t relapse so easily if during your tine in bathroom you told yourself that ‘‘I’m doing NoFap, I can’t do this.’’. It’s quite simple, don’t be a digital cuck and go out in the real world and socialize. If that’s not your thing, again, acknowledge that you’ve got a problem and your phone is one of the causes. What do you do about this?


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Don’t obsess yourself with days, work on yourself. Hone and improve your skills. Expand your knowledge. Porn and masturbation are nothing but a burden which block you from doing anything useful.

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Usefull advices. thank you mate .

those times that i bring phone to bathroom my decision is edging , but i never could do it
everytimeeee everysingle time i opened a porn site , it ended with a masturbate and relapse
i shall focus on not accepting urges , avoid bringing phone to bath , and dont accept my urges to think about pmo
gimme your last advices about what i struggle with , i mean what typed before . and
im 20 Years old
its 4 Years of masturbating like every day , so i started from 16 …
Im healthy but weak …
And , Will i rebooted after 3 months ?

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If you need a specific advice ask me clearly, it’s a bit hard to comprehend a question from your sentences…

Anyway, it’s all purely logical, avoid triggers, don’t think how you can snoop around on porn sites and not fap afterwards. Do not tempt your libido.
Another thing is if I understood correctly… Eat oysters, avocado and chicken breasts. They’re rich in protein and you will build muscle mass easier (avocado and oysters = testosterone boost ). Do push ups and muscle intensity exercises in general if you want to be ripped.

3 months is a small window for a succesful reboot, re-read what I wrote above. You’d need at least 6 to 9 months of pure hard mode but that’s just my estimation.

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I would love to help you.


Hello And thankyou for your Love

If it is possible for you , Please read my replys in this topic and youre gonna know what im struggle with , then help me with your experiance

thanks :blue_heart:


Dont bring phone to the bathroom. Plus dont take smartphone when you are alone.

I also do this & it helps.

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You have to go atleast 30 days of hard mode to feel the other side of the coin.
& then decide what is better for you.

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