Need Help to overcome Masturbation and Medication for Recovery

Hi Everyone!

My Code: hzn5de
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Current Streak: 4 Days

I am doing masturbation since 10 years. Weekly average is 2-3 times. I just can’t overcome this issue. My stamina is lost. Can’t do any physical activity, heart beats very fast whenever i do any physical activity. I can’t concentrate in any study work or any other activity that demands focus. Semen drops come out whenever i see any erotic content. When i walk, cracking sounds come from my joint.

I will be marrying in 1 year. I want to change my life so that i can make a successful marriage life.

I feel very lucky to find this platform where i can share these issues openly. I have started my streak, it’s 4 days now but i am very determined to continue as long as possible. Need partners who can motivate me and help continue this journey successfully.

Also, is there any medication recommended to overcome affects of masturbation?

Thanks for help.

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Hey Bro
As bad as PMO is, this does not sound like one of the side effects. Maybe you have an other health issue. I would really recommend seeing a doctor. He will also tell you if you need some medication.
Self- medication is risky anyways. And no, there are no anti-pmo pills. It’s not that much a physical addiction but one of the mind. There is no easy way out, you have to tackle it yourself


bro long term masturbation cause these problems. He said he has been an addict for 10 years,
Yeah he should go to the doctor if he havent

Well possibly. But i have been addicted nearly 20 years and you dont neccessary feel THAT bad. That’s why i think it’s better to see a professional

Congrats Talha… You got 1 year before marriage.

Yea PMO makes heart pump more blood to your…I felt racing heart as well… PMO messes up with hormone balance. For Example , bcoz of thyroid also you can have racing heart. I would suggest go get a doctor check up.
Don’t waste time.

How to stop PMO… You will get plenty of advice . Truth is we experiment , talk to our companions and still in trying.

Medication again get a doctor advice.
I will tell what worked for me

  1. b vitamins n zinc ( take doctor advise )
  2. pomo each day
  3. red bananas and two eggs a day
  4. exercise n lift weights or atleast walk
  5. nuts n cod liver oil

I have a post on what problems I faced after marriage.
If you like read it.

But don’t be afraid. Fear is enemy.
Remind yourself that you are awesome everyday.

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