Need help to get back soon

hello every one
needed ur advices

so let me tell u whats happening with me
I cant more than 7days on nofap.
if i game i dont stop till my phone battery is low or i have to go out
if watch anime i have no control over there as i end to watch minimum 10 eps at a time
i usedto watch webseries and presently binge watched
1 tried using blocker but i still relapsed
i tried using digital detox app but i grew anxious without using phone

the thing is i now im runnning from my studies
but still i cant do anything
its like im all pumped up for two days but then same thing
i tried leaving allat once i failed
i tried leaving two things but as i used to waste time doing other things i used to feel demotivated and used to relapse in those two things


And i havent been able to quit anything

im so confused i dont know what to do.

let me try to explain my situation in a better way

  1. youtube - i thik i need it for studies but i use it less than 2%for studies rest is time pass. i just watch unwanted stuffs then i have an urge due YT’s recommended videos and then i think about soft po** videos that i used to watch and feel like checking whats new hasccome and then i soon start reading erotica or watch po**
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  1. ANIME OR WEBSERIES - before 2020 if i tel u , i never watched any webseries. 2020 lockkdown was when i started watching them and since then cant stop.
    its like from past one month i cant eat food without watching something on phone be it anime or tmkoc (tarak mehta show) all 3 times while eating food i need to watch something
    and lately i have started binge watching anime which i hate very much.
  1. Gaming - only mobile games
    i used to play mobile games before too but very minimal like twice a week
    but now u know through the first post what is my situation
    i have downloaded pubg, codm, critical ops, brawl stars, clash of clans, clash royale, farm land, standoff 2 , mask gun ,and whatnot in last 4 to 5months i can keep going with the list
    but the thing isi downloaded codm which takes around more than 7 gb like not less than 50 times and have deleted it as i felt anger restless etc and mostly i felt addicted to it.
    same is with pubg and critical ops and clash of clans and clas royale and many games - downloaded and deleted not less than 20 to 30 times each in last 1 and half year
    and all this with my 1.5gb of mobile data and at the end of the day data from parents phone
    so u can see while i should used data to study from the pre recorded lectures of coaching institute i wasted here and so now struggling with studies
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Hey bro
Your problem is not porn gaming, social media, …
you’re procrastinating, Running from something

Try to figure out what it is, and why you don’t want to face it, it could be a feeling a doubt, …

What your subconscious doing is trying to “protect” from what ever is bothering you, by making you not confront it.
Also, your subconscious just trying to make you feel better at any cost, so it goes for easy dopamine sources. It’s turning you to games and series… Cause it’s the only way it knows to make you feel better and secure (cause you’re not facing your responsibilities/…)

But you need to first dig deep
Secondly invest the little desperate energy u have in an act that can make your tomorrow a slightly better.

Like if you have to of study
Study 15 minutes, just start

Or do an activity that benefits you

If you’re running from study then at least run toward something that actually benefits you ،and makes you feel better

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Your problem is phone, gaming, porn, series…

So don’t be fighting shadows

Find the roots, the real problem and work your way from there

Re - diagnose the problem, I don’t think you got it right

Don’t be hard on yourself but supportive to your self

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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sorry if this is too much
nut just tat i cried before typing here
so needed help

i actually dont know what to do
i sometimes feel likei know my issues
i know there solutions
then why am i not being able to overcome all these
it feels very bad relapsing so many hell number of times

when i tell the same things of above post to my gf she tells me u know the problem and solution then do it
but i cant explain to her how difficult it is to stop as she never watched porn or mastrubated to it


true brother i m mostly running from studies ( CA profession from India)
i just feel its too much
earlier i used to study entire day without the need for break now every 10 mins i need break
i knew i was running from studies but thaks to point it out coz i never realised this deeply

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Why you’re running from studying?

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i used to play guitar and go to classes but now that feels boring as i dont go to classes anymore and plus i have constant thoughts that playing guitar will take more than 45mins which is a waste .
playing guitar is not career but i used to enjoy it another reason to not play guitar is coz everytime i play and if dad is at home i get taunts for doing something which will never benefit in future and i get taunts from him for wasting money on guitar and classes
ad if at all i get the courage and start playing he doubts my future giving example of my brother
and im in position where i cant tell anything

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i have huge portion to complete and i havent even watchedd lectures
i feel i wont remember anything in exam no matter how hard i study
practical subjects are easy
the mainproblem is theory and i cant muster up the courage to even start them
i passed my last exam theory paper with luck which im very much ashamed off
but it just feels very difficult to start theory
plus i feel i wont be able to remeber the technical words in the exams
and from past many monnths i keep getting dreams like reaching exam centres after exams are oveeer or failing etc

Your dad is worried about you, but he’s wrong and outdated. Don’t listen to him about this

Mental health is pretty important if you want to keep going, guitar is good for your health for your energy, and it definitely doesn’t harm you

You need fuel to keep going, you can’t just tell yourself I’ll keep going, I’ll keep knocking my head throw the wall and I will do it, cause thats the theory of your dad :confused:
You need fuel, u can’t day I don’t want guitar, or that or that … Just study study study

It’s not a waste, your mental health, your mental stability, clearance, isn’t a waste , in the contrary it’s an investment property on your personality, on your soul.

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i havent been exercising properly
because i just dont where to start
1 day i think of starting jogging but then i have self doubts like i need to do yoga also as its god for mental health and flexibilty
but then i have another thought ki i need to intense workouts to reduce weight as im excessively fat
then i dont know which to start as being in rural school we were only thought a bit of yoga and march fast
so have 0% of knowledge about exercise and just learning by myself
plus presently no earning so cant invest in gym

regarding meditation
i have heard every one tell ki its important in nofap
but how do i do
should i use app or self
if app the which1 ass the choices never end
if self which method etc
its damn difficiult to decide.

i just cant share anything with any 1 at home as things are pretty worse and we dont even sit together and eat and m jus surrounded with fights day and night and hence for the entire day i just close myself in the room in the name of study so that i dont have to listen to constant fights but i end up doing pmo or other addictions
i can tell the house situatuion is toxic
and i tried explaining the but they dont understand

i dont feel like posting shitt snaps every single day to maintain streaks whiich has no value
presently i dont feel like using fb as i feel lazy plus i find it just dumb to scroll through endless feeds and get nothing
i m not on instagram
the question i want to ask is
whether quitting games, yt, anime, series , fb , snapchat , instagram will make me outdated and will the present & future generations just try to avoid me in these technology stuff
will they see me as outdated like i see my parents (which i dont intent tobut it just happens sometimes

This is also one of the reason i dont want to let go off things

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Do something you enjoy & it benifits you, (physically or mentally)


yeah man agreed i just dont know what t do other than studies
never been to summer camps
used to sketch which i learnt by self and used to enjoy it but i feel it will waste time
rest ways to relax is games, yt, series or tv thats it
may be ill start with guitar or sketching in free time
and let me see how things turn out

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Walk, run ,play guitar, play any sport
Work out, …
What ever it is, it’s a good investment
Investment, where you put energy/money/… But you get more/gain more, get something more valuable to you, something you need to keep going

U could ask professionals for help as well

Since you’re a student, university can provide support and help you need. So look it up, send some emails.

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thanks a lot bro
will work on all these
mostly joining a paid library from mid april to study in peacce for a month
lets see how things would turn
i actually had made my mid to quit trying nofap
but will continue to try


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