Need Help.... Relapsed 😞

Need Advice:-

Can’t stop myself from watching P*

  • How long have you been trying nofap?
    I am doing this nofap almost from from 2017/18 I think…

  • Did something change during this time, which is relevant for your current problem?
    Sometimes it was great but when I relapse then old pattern starts and it’s hard to get rid of…
    My streak was going great in beginning but later as I have taken many breaks in between… My grip on nofap loosen… Now it’s going in downhill slope.

  • What is the problem you need help with?
    Can’t stop myself from watching P*… Suggest me something which help me to get determined about nofap… And I won’t break my commitment.

  • In which situations does the problem occur?
    Especially in the night when I am alone in my room and morning when I am in bathroom.

  • What did you already try?
    I tried to control myself… Not using phone while on bed as well in bathroom but after some time I forget and dwell in emotions and do what I shouldn’t do(relapse by watching p)
    I tried blocking browsers… But when i need to open some link I install other browser and after sometime I see myself redirecting unconsciously to p sites.

Kindly help me…

I really want to change…


Read it helps


There is a special challenge thread created by me which motive was to challenge your Peaking habits
Hope it helps :+1:
You are Welcome to join
Sometimes taking a challenge as a game push us to some extent


@Adioz_aka_Adidas I was just about to suggest u the same thing what @SincereDev said.

So read easypeasy book.

I know. Many may have told u to read it, but I myself have not read it completely.

But those who have read it, are free now, or atleast 90%free.

So give it a try.

My problem is with reading books actually.

I am slowly trying to bring myself to read books.

When it is a thread in this from or a whatsApp message, I read it all, no matter how long the text. But when it comes to books, I become lazy after reading for sometime.

Hope I will complete that book and become free.


Yeah…We usually read something which is interactive In look that’s why Our Brain Tend to watch Po… Because it appeal our mind…
But it was the Worst trap Man has created

Ramadan Mubarak @slave_of_allah this is your month to be disciplined. Cherish the spirituality and Positivity which Allah/God gave us
These Festivals are reminder for us to start Positive things in good direction.


Thanks mahn, I will be disciplined and come out of this month and beyond, a clean human, free of pmo.
In sha Allah


I will definitely join
but this habit of watching p* is very strong…

Do you think after joining these group… I will change?


@slave_of_allah @SincereDev
Yeah many people told me especially first guy told me was @Bashi long time ago…
Because of him I had many clean streaks… But still struggling to get up again.
I have read it few pages it seems confusing in the beginning(may be I can’t understand it’s words perfectly) so I left it in the middle…


If you already decided to stop it No one is going to force you to watch…
It was just your decision whether you like to Challenge por… Through Points or Through other means it’s all upto you.
Only the matter most was the end result.
1000 days No peaking streak is not easy in today’s highly sexualized environment but if we aim for 1000 may be we will achieve 120 days 360 days.etc …which are Already Good to rewire Our Brain and Develop our self personality. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re absolutely right brother…
Okay I will join it… Let’s see how it goes…!!


I have been watching this shit from 10 years but I decided to quit and Do something meaningful in my life this itself was a drastic change. This is all due to the environment of this forum.
This threads are just means which Indirectly challenges our mindset

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Make a feasible easy routine and stick to it for 30 days at least. Please do include exercise and yoga in the routine.

Keep very simple tasks which you can complete with surity.

Study/work for at least 2 hrs daily.

See yourself change a lot after 30 days.


I do job almost for 12hrs daily except on weekoff

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Environment of forum is great only when I am get involved with many companions… On daily basis.

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Then engage brother, ask for help and also help others using the knowledge you have about nofap


Join @SincereDev s challenge…


1)Bhai koe tension nhi dekho aram se pehle ek asa dopamine milne wala cheez dhund Lo jisse tumhe sabse jyada psand he.jese mujhe sabse jyada interest mobile game me he… jab stress hota he p* ki taraf dhyan jayega to me game ko replace kar deta hun. Jab galat thoughts ayega sirf game 3 4 hrs .
2)Phir tum kitna b bade khiladi ho agar koe aim nhi he to aap nofap bilkul nhi kar sakte…
3) again, har din kuch na kuch nofap video, ya kuch ase cheeze padhna chahiye jese motivation mile…jitna knowledge nofap me tumhare pass hoga utna ache se urges ko handle kar loge tum…
4) tum bole 2017 /18 se kar rhe ho lekin yahan log ek saal pehle aye aur ek saal ki streak bana kar bethe he…isme dhyan ki jarurat he… kyun ki unke pass knowledge ache se he wo books hi milega…jese nightfall ka solution,
5) aur bhai daily meditation , exercise daily routines follow to karna padega tumhe warna nhi ho sakta…
Ab mera situation jab m karne ka man kare me turant kar leta tha bina porn dekhke kisi bhi choti si erotic dekhke* jisse mera 1.5 yrs tak p* nhi dekha he**
Pehle porn ko goli maro…yaar mera app lock ki password ab mujhe pata nhi :sweat_smile: mera dost ne lock karke rakha he…
Kuch bhi bolo ,sabka alag strategy hota he to aap ek pen aur paper se likho kyun relapse hua ??? Ase karte karte ek asa waqt ayega likhne ki koe jarurat nhi tumhe yad hoga iss mahine me sirf 2 bar relapse hua to… Lekin mene pehle ek ek line likhta tha kyun,kya hua… Ase sab kuch

Aur bhai dekho, jyada non veg khane se bhi nofap me dikkat ho sakti he apko 5 6 mahine ke liye band kardo …

Bhai tumhe abhi hi 2 mahine me bada streak banana he to short cut road - meditation bhai iska result 3 din me dikhega apko lekin apko sirf Subha 15 mint rat ko 15 mint karo …jo mene drago se sikha tha…usne bataya tha wo ab 365 days pe he guru :joy:


@Adioz_aka_Adidas bro, do Meditation daily. It really helps.

Here is a guided meditation. You can try this one.
Just do it daily, you’ll be able to see the results in 4-5 days.


Okay fine, then you do not need extra efforts. You can make yourself a promise by not opening porn sites for 1 day. If you can do it for 1 day, you can do it everyday.

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:joy: Guru… Lol
Yeah he is an inspiration to many people…

Tell me that technique in meditation what you do in those 15min? Simply breathing techniques or something else you do…

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