Need help ... Plz

I am too much in spirituality… I wanna come out of this it brothering me… I start feeling mad… :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: It sucks…

Did you meet some new people or did you develop a crush on someone in last few days?

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I am for your rescue brother.

Nah brother… Currently I don’t have any crush on someone

What kind of spirituality are you into? Religious or Bohemian kind of spirituality?

Religious… Kind … like spiritual monk… At first it was very calm making but now I m feeling I am in a prission of thoughts

Yaa brother… Suggest some things

Are you a virgin bro. ?

You might be facing some inner conflicts because of thinking a lot about it. See reason and religion do not look well together, they don’t coexist. You’ll have to take one of the things out of the equation.
I used to be religious to the level like having conversations with god every now and then in my mind and shit, but the problem started when I started thinking and putting reason behind all that. They just don’t work together, you are not allowed to have conflicts with your religion, you have to accept it as it is and align your thinking with whatever the religion says. You even have to accept its contradictions without even asking for a reason.
The solution is letting one of the things go. We cannot be on the fence, either you have to come at peace with your religion and stay on that side of fence or you must jump the fence and set yourself free. Confusion only brings chaos, it will always keep you struggling.
I found peace when I jumped the fence.

The other aspect to your situation can be that you are comparing yourself with someone. Is that so?


Not trying to generalize your situation at all, these were the things that I faced and started feeling helpless, and it took me months to overcome them. Just trying to help.

Yes buddy … …:joy::joy:

You are right brother…day night before yesterday I mess with my dad about religious mentality… After that I start feeling that I faith in my spiritual teacher is not good… I start feeling some guilt about it … Well today is Thursday so I am going to my guru… Hope I will get my peace back

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You will overcome this, but don’t overthink, put your time to some constructive work.

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I want you to experience sex too.
I want you to be a garyasth sanyasi that is a man who raise a family but remain in spirituality after that.
You should experience all aspects of life before going for complete abstinence.

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I m single buddy… And even I don’t have enough money to pay a prostitute… :joy::joy::joy:

Feeling bit better now buddy… I did meditation first 10 min it was but after that I got a good control over my thoughts… And guru gave me a thread to tie on wrist …

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Hey, hold a minute there. Scientific reasoning and religious experience aren’t to be put in the same basket, but that’s because they’re trying to explain different things. Science want to explain objective reality and give you facts, spirituality wants to explain subjective reality, how to behave in the world and what to do with the facts that science gives you. Those two aren’t contradictory, they complement each other. Besides, religion isn’t about spending time in a church or blindly following an old guy with a beard. That’s a way too shallow approach to it. A person can never ever set foot in a church of any kind and still be a better person than a guy that worships the altar but is a douchebag. We all know this. It’s about understanding the world on a different level than by scientific thought. Not better, or worse. But different and necessary