Need help pls help me please

My friends started no fap with me
And they all relapsed today
They were saying me to do relapse but i refused now my mind is saying that i should do it once just once.
What should I do now? Pls help
I survived a strongest urge today I turned off all lights and everything and was going to do relapse but then I realized I m not gonna do it at any cost.
Then I went outside for some time and felt better. But urges are coming strongly pls help me pls help i dont want to relapse

Delete that friend lmao :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


:rofl::joy::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: that’s too funny bro…
Didn’t expect that from anyone…

Kindly delete before this became a topic for everyone… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You can take a cold showerđźšż so that urges will not be there. And one more thing keep your gadgets away from you at the time of sleep.


Why should I delete this bro?

It will become mess if someone reacted differently…
It’s just small advice. Later It’s upto you

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Bruhh you got some good friends … they send you erotic clips you watch them and then also don’t count it as a relapse , and now this .
Like this your problem, will not be cured .


Your problem is your friends not your addiction.


You are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with. Cut them for your sake man. Easier said than done. Try to meet new people and make better quality friends. Slowly spend less time with them. Or cut them off directly if they are too much of a problem.

In any case, they are a crutch to you. Drop them.


First of all let me laugh​:grin::joy::rofl:
Interesting situation.

@GOGETA Suppose you and your friends are walking a path. Suddenly, your friends fell in a well. And they are calling you to jump in and join them. Now, in that situation what will you do?

  1. Join them in well.
  2. Try measures to help them out.
  3. Leave them.

:joy::joy::joy::joy: what a bad friend… lolzzz

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Your friends are very good… they are always helping you in your fap journey… celebrate a party with them if you want to continue !

You are doing nofap for your life enough!


You are not a child dude. Why should you relapse if they asked you to?
Will you jump from the top of a building if your friend ask you to do it? Will you do suicide with him if he decides to die?
C’mon bro, man up.
Fuck your fapping friends. This is your Mind trying to play games with you. A relapse is never worth it; if you relapse you’ll cry later.
Get your shit together. Let your friends do whatever they want.

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Those m***** f****** want you be to be mediocre!

Today I called one of my friend with whom I hadn’t talked for a long time. While talking about different things our conversation slipped into pmo and he was telling me that it is normal, everyone watches it and things like that. Don’t worry about it and enjoy the short term pleasure; he was telling me all these things.
Godammit, when are these mother fuckers going to learn the fucking harmful effects of this worst addiction?
When are they going to be a real man and give up this 3 seconds pleasure to do what God had created them to do?
When are they going to stop destroying their own life, the lives of their friends, family, wifes, sisters and brothers??
People are injecting poison into their brain. They are living like zombies, normal students and teenagers who should be spending their life in pure blissfulness are suffering with depression, social anxiety, suicidal thoughts and self hatred due to this addiction. Millions of innocent little girls are raped, choked, killed and brought into prostitution for this 3 seconds pleasure which only exist in our fantasy. Hundreds and thousands of marriages are ending in divorce due to sexual problems and mental numbness created by this fucked up, bloody, godamn drug!
Still they are saying it is normal!!
Rage is filling my mind so much that I may break my phone throwing it on the wall. Let’s move against this tide of majority guys; remember whatever these mother fuckers say they are lying. We are staying with the side of truth. Don’t give in to their poisonous words. They are trying to pull you into mediocrity; they want you to be like them and destroy your life by engaging in a 3 seconds pleasure. It pains their heart to see you achieving greatness.
Don’t give in to them.
Stay together; you all are real warriors, real men who aim for greatness in life. You all belong to the 2-5% of society. I respect you all.
Keep going and remember to achieve your greatness you may have to travel alone. You may have to go through storms, desearts, and all kinds of catastrophe, ALONE.
But the thought that you are in the right path will guide you like the star which guided the shepherds into the place where Jesus was born.

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