Need help .......pleaseeeeeee

Does anybody know how to quit BDSM… actually the fact is …my involvement in these shit has lessened so much…(I already made a post about it). But…but my fucking mind always tell me to watch it …and also I dont like it it’s disgusting…and the fact that I dont have any pleasure during orgasm makes it even easier to make streaks but still after 4 or 5 days unusual urges start coming…After pmo I dont feel guilt I feel bored and weird ,like what the hell I was watching? Please help me out guys…


I think you would benefit a lot if you read easy peasy hackbook. Its advices apply to all kinds of porn


Ok, time for confession - I used to be very much into this stuff. And I think that the advice with EasyPeasy is very good - it worked for me 80 days ago, when I read it in one seating… And I guess it works best, independent from what your of porn you used to watch.

And now where I’m putting the stress - you used to. Try to stay thinking in this way and it will be all the easier.

P.S. I remember that around the same time I also had very strong urges. A lot of help is in the approach from the book and breathing, a lot of conscious breathing. Treat it like meditation.


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