Need help! I want to end the loop forever

Hey all,
I want to end this loop for good. I am done with relapsing. Is there anyone with me? I previously felt the power after rebooting. I want to stay on track with some help.

Sharing code - eimwd0

Current streak - 0 days
Highest streak - 29 days (previously 1 year)
Age - 26
Gender - M


id be willing to hear about the events that brought you into addiction. want my number?

I also need help, highest relapse is 3 days, I’m just 15 and I started since 13


Same here, my highest relapse was 2 days. Started since 13 & am now 26. Would love to talk if anyone’s interested.

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im available to talk. would you want to email or phone each other?

Email please draggerd. You mind if you send me your address in a personal message on here?

Guys I am 27 and I have been fucked up since teenage. I dont see any solution. I cannot stay alone by myself because of this addiction and I am highly unproductive because of it.

We can chat on WhatsApp

hello all
i have the same problem too with the loop, been trying to stop for about 3 years but my highest streak is only 1 month in two occasion. would love to join in your quest guys

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