(Need help) I reset my streak every 2nd week. I can hold it like 13 days and then don't know how it automatically triggered itself. How to solve it. How to neutralize the urge after 13 days

How to fix this? My highest streak was 2 months like 1 year ago but after that whenever I tried to control it after 13+ days somehow it trigger itself.

Try to find out the reason behind it.
Is it porn, YouTube, Instagram etc?
When u get the reason for ur failure try to avoid it.

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Thank you for the advices.


Direct answer- you fixed in your brain that you can do only 15 days ,so your brain supports your thinking…after 2 weeks it gives strong urges to relapse…( Don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts)

  1. when you touched 10 days…stop using mobile ,strictly…
  2. stay more active for triggering contents…
    3)lock everything
  3. do more meditation or exercise,
    After that don’t make any limited time in your brain…
    If you are thinking day 100 is very difficult …brain sends signal in day 99…and you will relapse in exactly on day 100…
    I support jonsnows diary …you should read…an experienced person can give solution.

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