Need help. Have u had similar experience?

I slept in the afternoon and during my sleep and wakefulness, I had this most powerful desire to masturbate. It was my subconscious desire waking up as I slept. I think it’s an outlet for all my repressed sexual and pornographic desires.

The thought to get up from my bed and go to the washroom to masturbate lingered in my brain. But it was just a thought, albeit a powerful one. There was no action as I was half asleep and half awake. As I came to wakefulness, I noticed that desire going back into the shadows of my subconsciousness and I thanked that the urges were subconscious only. BTW it’s day 11 of no PMO.

I don’t know what to make of it. Have you had any similar experience? Any tips? I need advice

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I usually have this too. It’s like your brain is on a super autopilot and you just can’t do anything at all.
I think it shows how deep the addiction is even if we have had long streaks. I believe we need to stay on course for a couple of years (or more perhaps) to resolve this.
The only possible solution I can think of this is to replace PMO with something else that makes you happy or a priority. In my case it is intellectual engagement (reading, collecting information, solving mathematical or logical problems etc.). If I’m able to push this into my subconscious, I’ll be able to figure out solution in my sleep as well. This is definitely going to take a few years for me. Would be nice tho, to see that my brain works in the sleep to solve problems. Looks like this can more of a useful ability


Yes, this is scary though.

Seems like a worthy solution to try. Thanks

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