Need Help, cant stop relapsing :C

Hello everyone, im Miguel, and im an old rewire companion user.
I remember when I started my NoFap journey. I was so motivated, and every day I didnt relapsed, I was happier.
But now, im very unmotivated. I had start watching stronger porn. I masturbate once a day. I think much on porn. Im very tired, im out of energy. No willpower.
Why I need help? I cant stand without relapse a day, because im so unmotivated. I think I have felt on a big whole, and I know it’ll be hard to get out from it.

Any tips? Want to add me on your friends list?


Remind yourself why you want to quit porn. And keep yourself busy everyday especially on the weekends. Best wishes to you and stay strong!


Hi Miguel, please feel free to add me and share your code.

I’m 35, male and new here, but not new to trying to quit PMO

Maybe there’s something to learn in your re-struggle.

Please don’t beat yourself up or loose hope.

I did well for a while, and suddenly I too fell down and also started looking at stronger porn.

To be honest, if I give in, I’d rather just masturbate or find something on YouTube - but don’t give in to Lust either way.

But if you do, remember;
some people are going through hell -
So, be humble and compassionate towards others, especially those who need it most.

Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Pick yourself up, reintroduce routines.
Learn to look at your emotions and not identify with them/ be like a 3rd party just observing your emotions.

When in the urge moment, I don’t have an answer, except;
acknowledge it, keep your emotions in check, and stick them in the recycling bin while you acknowledge yourself.


Thx for your advice. My code is 65feff. Lets do this together!