Need help brothers, pls help me

Dear Brothers, I am on Day 38 semen retention NOFAP and has be n grinding daily in terms of working out in gym, meditation and living my life with full confidence.
There is a female colleague in my office and we interact only incase there is any relevant common official work and there is always some kind of clash vibes i feel with her, like some sort of jealous or competitive vibes…recently from my Day 30 she started noticing me alot and started giving me lot of eye contact with positive vibes and she herself was appearing to be of low energy…She started coming to my cubicle and started talking to me by making consistent eye contact and with a very caring and affectionate tone and vibes…So i also started talking to her softly…since we are working on a common task where in she is assisting me on something, she gave me great task related suggestion yesterday and out of gratitude i extended my hand to say her that’s awesome thanks but she refused to shake hand and i felt extremely humiliated and embarrassed…at that time, i was on Day 37… Through entire conversation she kept eye contact intact but after that i left and suddenly I started feeling that my entire energy dropped down as if i relapsed and as if i fell back to Day 0.
Brothers, today when i saw her in office she was extremely glowing and had lot of energy… amazing glow, sparkle in eyes, exactly the way i was till yesterday…but today i am having dull face, red and swollen eyes, pale skin, foggy brain, no motivation, no energy at all as if am on Day 0 but am on Day 38… PLEASE HELP me brothers to understand as what is this and why is this happening…Is it that Someone like Succubus can Suck your entire energy just through eye contact???
Pls suggest what to do brothers.


Why are you giving so much shit about her ??
She is just a human bro. You are pushing yourself down by thinking of her, giving attention to her instead of work. You should just focus on yourself and your work.

If she’ll come to your cubicle to talk then just talk to her like you talk with your other friends. Why are you making her special picture in your brain? If you keep doing that shit again & again & again everyday then I m sure you will be fucked in some days (sorry for being rude but that’s reality).
So STOP making her special picture in your brain and Start treating her like other colleagues. Your problems will be Solved :raised_hands:


Brother this is trap which forces to relapse you if you suffer and don’t relapse you will win this battle so be careful and avoid trigger


I understand. i too have a female coworker that lives in my head despite knowing better. The brain will always think thoughts cuz it means your alive, but it isn’t personal and you know what constantly happens? Another thought takes the place of the previous one and then you attach to that one.

My advice is monitor your thoughts like u playing battleship. combat negative memory with positive. You have no choice but to think of females becauseof biology, but u can do this at least.


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