Need Friends/Companions for Support

Sharing code - gr605r

Current streak - 1days *
Highest streak - don’t remember…
Age - 28
Gender - M
Location - (Sorry i can’t tell)

Why I want a companion -
Since the day i registered here I had 2 relapses.
I thought I will find the companion here who might help me. Yeah I found it but they are not regular. I have many issues which needs to get resolved. Either by getting advices or by myself (by taking actions)

Whoever wants to be my friend
Share your details/add me in your companion list.

I want to start this Nofap (by taking this seriously)

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You will find good friends. In a little while they will appear.


Hey buddy!

Heck yeah that’s the way to go to get serious and wanna kill this habit!

Yeah I’ll be here for you man. No problem, I’ll learn to keep my post short :rofl: I sometimes have a lot on the mind and too much too say!

Here’s my code: qx9fy3

Let’s go buddy! Good luck and stay strong and awesome!!!

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Thanq buddy @Cubenix for being on myside
Feeling blessed :pray:
Actually your post are long but they are meaningful. Which really helps

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hey ! my sharing code – wof882
we fight together in this no fap journey :blush:

Thanq buddy @SAMURAI for your support.
I will look forward to talk to you soon.

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