Need female companions

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I really need to share my experience with someone who understands what I’m going through … also need someone to talk to when i have urges


You can talk here, why do you want her personal info


@maya sister don’t share your personal information here.


I know only 2 girls here, @sakshi11 and @NhTbH . There is another girl but I don’t remember her username, but her dp is sneakers…


Please come back to the original intent of the topic.

Flag posts of users who ask for whatsapp numbers. He is banned now.


Hello @maya

This community really helps if you helped yourslef to talk with … just talk and by posting or sharing you will find fight porn or fap can be easy , to finding a fresh people to accept the forum as it is …

Let me tell you that when I came here I felt Soo and so bored about:

" Using & finding good people ( really I don’t finding bad ones , thank God , but let me go on the worse thing , of course by using there are somethings appeared but there are 2 options front of you

  • Someone post something and by replying appears his black side and members will not shut up of course :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::point_up_2:
    By time of using you will know that
    All here try to help and try to show his best version and if you thinking just a little you will find that it’s a purpose of all people alive to feel good but that good makes us have to pay …
  • Someone sending msg and you felt not good even for no reason…

For the 2 options there are flagging this person with easy way maya if you really felt not comfort )

I shared all of this … it’s long , apologise , tryied to say don’t be afraid to talk with anyone (specially forum)

**Accept and talking about what you
We are here bothers and sisters **

No one should judge anyone

You know why ?? :thinking:
Because we share in our ugly truth … the truth of our weakness ( porn & fap )
Yes in my first time of using it was so strange to understand but now
I want to be one of the really brave and strong not just by talking about .

I am happy for you :relaxed::relaxed: to join and to talk with you of course .

You can share anything if you give anyone the space and to talk with

Stay_engaged .


I’m also looking for someone to share my experiences. And I’m always there to support anybody. Maybe we can support each other out thru the difficult times.
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