Need experts advice

I’m having headache, knees and bellow knees are hurting, back pain, feeling lazy. Couldn’t sleep last night, burning sensation in eyes. No will to even text. Am i in the phase of flatline? Or i should consult a doctor for check up?

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Wait a sec.
Just answer these questions:

  1. For how long are you sleeping and whats the quality of the sleep?
  2. Is it cold out there due to rainy weather and by chance did you consume curd related products?
  3. Are you eating well and did you start something new with strength training?
  4. How bad is your porn addiction?
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Usually i have 7-8 hours of quality sleep

Yeah i have minor running nose. No due to cold weather i don’t consume curd.

Yeah I’m punctual about food. I consume enough. This time I’m not working out. Otherwise i start exercising and nofap simultaneously.

I was never a porn addict. I encountered porn 4-5 years ago. And came out from it easily once i came to know how bad porn is.


How many days are you in nofap

In my opinion flatline is mostly emotional like depression brain fog etc etc etc

Currently I’m on day 45. Feeling completely hopeless. Not at all want to do anything. Feeling like zombie. I never felt like this between these 45 days

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Try to include Wim Hoff technique.

If this doesn’t work then its pakka flatline.

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Ok brother…its flatline I think…It will Be better soon…Just stay Strong…Headache and body pains are facing by few brother so …

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