Need crucial opinion about relapse

Guys i’m on 12th day of my nofap journey…but i felt like i’ll be relapsing today. The reason was my girlfriend used to walk naked around me during night and today i got super excited and touched myself a little bit and had little bit of precum but neither i watched porn nor i masturbated…will i consider it as a relapse…:thinking:?

It depends on you… If it was Artificial Stimulus which cause this then you count as relapse,if not or mutual pleasure between you and her then I don’t think this as a relapse

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I don’t think this was a relapse… Because You haven’t watched [email protected] or masturbated… Mutual pleasure with partners in reality doesn’t count as a relapse generally In normal mode of NoFap


Thanks bro for your humble opinion…i can then continue my journey🤠

Not relapse. It was real girl who aroused you

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Yeah bro you’re right…It was my wrong perception…:innocent:

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