Need companion on my first day

8250ea add me iam on my first day but i have huge will power

First day as well after a 40 day streak…
This time will be different.

Added you
My code: 0c7ce4

Thanks hope well reach day 90 together

My highest ever was 111 days (2 years ago tho)
This year I wanted to go all year without it… But I failed couple of days ago. Such a bad decision… This time I’m both here on this app and on reddit. Decided that enough is enough.
Good luck, bro
Let’s fight together!
If you fail I’ll be really disappointed!!
But I’ll give you the support to start again…
Don’t fail tho!

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Add me …

You got my word brother🍻

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Let do this my friend

Well reach heights together

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First time user here, let’s do it together

Got you well do it together


Asslamualikum Brothers
add me as a companion. will do great. I am the best of friends

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How to add a companion sorry I’m new

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Add me too…

near top right corner there is an icon of two persons. click it and then in the screen that apears click the add button. and add sharing code of ur companion

Wa alaykom my brother glad to see another muslim all respect

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Hi ec20f9 my code 1day 17 he’s… Tour journey will be great.

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I hope well reach day 90 together we can do it

Assalamu’alaikum… I’m new user from Indonesia… I’m so glad to find here my muslim brother, so next each of us can help the other to be better muslim

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And this mine 816aef

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Wa alaykom my brother enshala we will all become better and face this bad habbit