Need companion for 30 days challenge

Hey guys
I’m on day 5 .
M 22
Anyone for 30 days challenge?

Yeah you can add me my sharing code : 4fcb57
Current streak : 18 Days
Highest streak : 131 Days


Hi brother,
I want to join too, but can you please tell what is this sharing code and how to use it.

I got it bro, my sharing code is atu384.
I am new and my current streak is 1 day and I am also on a 30 day challenge.

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My sharing code is c9ab6c. My streak 1 day. Lets compete for 30 days challenge

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You can add me

You have my axe!
Code: 4vd8x6
Current streak: 7 days
Longest streak: 14 days

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I have added you bro.
Let kill this addiction together :muscle::facepunch:
Make it 30 thus time :ok_hand::+1:

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