Need an advice on sleep issues

Happy new year to everyone and rewire :relaxed:.

So recently I noticed that I’m feeling sleepy during the day and it started two or three days ago. Also my sleep routine is 6hours and I would like to know if this might be a contributing factor to this issue or if it’s due to flatline.

CS : 32days

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Hey man, I wish you a happy new year as well!

I think that you should try to sleep one or two hours more during the night time, as 6h is relatively short. Especially if you are working a job which is physically exhausting or if you are working out, your body definetly needs more time to recover than just 6 hours a night. You could also try to fit in an hour during noon if your schedule allows this.
Hope this helps!


Thanks :handshake:
Would improve more on my sleep duration.

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