Need an advice about mediation

Hi… i want know how to meditate that can suppress urges… any video or audio link will be appreciated (like youtube or something)… thank you :blush:

PS: kindly dont msg me personally …

  1. Buy a new dress for meditation. It may be a yoga pants or whatever comfortable to you. But you should not wear it for any other purpose. (This is to build the habit, Whenever you see or wear the dress it will make you meditate)

  2. Select a place and sit calmly, download some meditation music and listen on that time. Fix a time it may be 5 mins to 10 mins at starting. But you should complete it.

  3. Don’t rush to control your mind. For first 3 days just pay attention to your thoughts. Imagine your vision travel all over your brain. Whenever some new thought pop up imagine it somewhere store in the brain.

  4. Enjoy your brain’s tour. On day 4 try to speak with your mind. Just smile whenever it pour some awkward thought. Tell it I am your boss and I can’t allow you to do this to me anymore.

  5. You can follow the step 4 whenever you get urges. Identify the time when you get urges. Take a good shower 10 mins before. Because tired body lead to fap. Fresh body with nice smell restrict you to do such things. Repeat this in day 4,5,6.

  6. From day 7, brain will be under control. Now try to monitor your breath. Breath in and Breath out normally. Don’t try regulate breath. Repeat this on day 7,8,9.

  7. On day 10 onwards try for deep breath and Imagine some lotus is there top of your head.

This worked for me earlier. Later I met an accident and left the habit. Now I am gonna try the same. Good luck to you !


Use binaural beats…

Although I have not used it since I don’t get wifi all the time…But these are scientifically proven for calming the brain…

choose alpha beats and meditate.

All the best.


@Akshada try this

this works wonders

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Thank you guys… I’ll definitely try this😊

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I’m Meditating for 6 years (more or less) now. And what I’ve found most amazing is a video on basics by ajahn anan on insight timer. He talks about all of it. And for you information you can’t just jump in and be a Olympic level meditator so first learn how to do the basics and then there not much to Meditation.

thanks @Ritesh_k99 … and i know that I’ll not be expert in few days… thats why i wanted to start with right technique so that my basics will be cleared about medidation…

Yes listen to ajahn anan you’ll get it

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Search Isha criya by Sadhguru on YouTube.