Need an accountability companion.. The journey begins. 😇

I’m stuck again in this addiction. And I’m out of motivation. I’m standing strong though. But I’m blank right now. I don’t know where to go, I’m just standing still on this path of NoFap

What i need right now is a accountability partner with whom i can start fresh and travel this new journey (new streak).

If we win, we’ll win together ; if we fall, we’ll fall together. But this thread and this accountability will continue forever.

No hard and fast rules, just one goal :- get rid of this addiction. (2nd partner can make rules for this journey if he/she wants as it will only benefit both of us)

This will be our conversation thread forever. We’ll openly share our success journey to this great forum.

More than one companion can join us on our journey.

Members of this Journey

1. kt2021
2. strongwillpower
3. risinglion123
4. Fizuli
5. Adioz_aka_Adidas
6. tanmay_ck
7. Rohitash
8. AvoidingFap
10. Paul24
11. shazber


Yes i need help to get rid of this addiction

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Let’s start this journey together.

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Yes its 9 hour my highest streak 5 days this app

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My sharing code :- j1jkyj
Add me

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Mine is 8 hours.
We are on the same road. Let’s continue with our streaks. Let’s be accountable to each other. Let’s not leave each other wandering.
My high streak is 65 days

Nice yes we will do our best and get away from triggers

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Yes. :muscle: Do you want to make any rules for us?

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My user name kt2021 add me

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:point_up_2: This is my sharing code. Add me on the companion list. I’ll add you back.

I’ll update about my ups and downs to you over here.

This journey is started. :muscle: :fire:

If anyone wants to join us in our journey, he/she is free to join…

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@kt2021 let’s make this journey interesting.

Yes you can make rules we will follow it

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Okay. Let’s see…

  1. No p0rn
  2. No peeking into softp0rn.
  3. No edging.
  4. Nightfall is allowed (as it’s natural)
  5. 100% honesty with accountability.
  6. Not just sitting ideally. Doing somw kind of work/study to replace this addiction.

Let’s start with these basics first. As we both are busy with our study life now. Let’s focus on just basics right now.
Are you alright with all these? Do you want to add any?


We are here for you

Code : 8uwuwa

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Thanks for joining us @risinglion123
Welcome to the journey.

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So me and @kt2021 have decided our first target/milestone in our journey road. The target is of 7 days! Let’s start walking towards it.

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Let’s do it together
My sharing code: 5dkvqv

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Welcome to the journey @Fizuli grab a stick, cuz we have to travel very far :wink:

Day 1 completed guys…
@kt2021 what about you??
@risinglion123 @Fizuli stay strong guys! What about you both?