Need advice to initiate new relationship

Hi everyone

Long story short,after 4 years of no contact,my ex has contacted me in December of 2019. Since then we are chatting in WhatsApp on regularly basis. No romantic talking or flirting :wink: but sometimes I do rarely flirt with her,and she kinda seems enjoying. Now the things is that I started to feel closer to her,and now I’m remembering how we used to talk almost everyday before she ghosted me. Now neither she had told me that she had a bf during that period nor did I find any photos of her with other boys in her social media. Ever since we got connected in WhatsApp,she never posted any status of love nature or her ex bf.

I don’t know why my love for her is slightly growing,I don’t want to get into relationship with her. But yet some part of my brain wants to make out with her because I had never kissed her or hugged her.

Also that I never got into any relationship other than with her,and that was about 4 years ago.

Now I want your advice guys, what shall I do ?


First of all if you just want her for physical needs then pls don’t do this… it’s like playing with her feelings neither it is ethically right… although if you really want a future with her and you trust her… then go ahead… ask her out… politely… if she still loves you she’ll definitely say yes… but yeah it’s upto you that you want to take this risk or not because if she refuses then it will affect your friendship… so think a 100 times before asking her… go by your gut feelings… only you know your situation… but yeah again don’t play with her feelings if you just need sex or kiss…


Few weeks ago ,you were saying that you have a good job now and your ex wants to meet you again coz you have a good job and you said ’ I will never meet her again’ and now you are asking the question should I be in a relation with her.


A pessimistic advice but still Il give ya

“Giving Chance to your ex another time is not a mistake, its fucking stupidity”

Ive faced it twice recently. First it seems shes into you, feelings grow inside you, at the end its just nothing. So if any of this seems familiar. RUN

Have patience. Its better to end of right than to end up fast

Ps : its your discretion if you keep talking, but i suggest don’t if feelings are one sided


I said that I don’t want to get into relationship with her. I don’t know if getting a job had an impact of her interest in her or not,but she is behaving with me seemingly nice,I don’t know whether it is due to nofap or not…

When she had called me to meet her,I was reluctant at first,and thus asked her if she wanted to meet me alone,to which she replied " yes" . Since I don’t want to get into trouble,I asked her to meet in group. Then I went to meet her along with her best friend.

These days I’m smitten by her

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Yes you are right, a part of me wants to enjoy female touch. Probably due to the fact that I never kissed or hugged a girl.

Now I’m not interested in marrying her because she had ghosted me 4 years back for no reason.
Now she is the girl who was my childhood crush,I want to seduce her and want to kiss her at least once

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Bro these are exactly the kind of thoughts that can ruin a man completely. Be careful, this seems like sheer stupidity to me. It feels you are totally driven by lust, you have a good career in front of you but if you keep thinking this way and giving these thoughts as much attention as you are giving, you might ruin everything. I am not trying to scare you, just warning you, about what might happen.


Yes exactly you got it right man.

I will keep your words in mind and wouldn’t definitely act upon this shitty idea.

Thanks brother :blush::blush:


Amen brother! This advice is pure gold! RUN


Broo…!! The feeling’s will increase, if u hugged or kissed or any physical realtionsh, just ask her, whether she is ready to make love once again, if she said yes…!! Go with her physically , if refuse than its muchh better , just move on from her…!! Stop wasting time on her , find others,

As per my opinion its better to move on bcoz, yours relationship not be like past , once broken trust comes again , u will keep on doubting her ,!! If have ability to trust her…!! Then it’s OK…

  First of all ,,  just go ask her...
Clear your mind.. From questions..👍🏻

Don’t do it. Leave the past behind.

Sab moh maya he :joy::joy::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


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