Need Advice on Relapse due to my spoiled nature of wanting to have cuddling thing

As the stress peaked, I became weak, and I totally got triggered and exploded over that drug. It all happened because I got bored, needed a rest and a cuddle from all strains, and just got lured… that’s all.

I could defeat the urge of chaser effect though.

It happened after 8 days.

What strategy do you guys use to cope stress and boredom?


Praying, taking time to be still and do nothing, focusing on the present moment, listening to my favourite music, watching my favourite movies and TV shows, reading good books, going for a walk, speaking to friends and family, journaling.

Stress is never decreased by a relapse. In fact we gain added stress due to all of the negative consequences of watching pornography and masturbating. On top of our previous stress, we feel regret, shame and guilt.

There are no benefits to relapsing - the only thing which could even be seen as one is temporary relief from strong urges. But even then, we can get permanent relief by continuing on our journey. If we continue to relapse, we’ll never get there and experience a fuller, more beautiful life.

You can break free of this, brother. You are stronger than every urge you’ve ever had. No matter what happens in life or what negative emotions arise in the moment, relapsing is not the answer.


When I want to get rid of stress I usually go outside to look at the sky and think about where I am heading in life and that usually get rid of the urges too. I also like to do mindful meditation because it helps me ignore my thoughts that are sexual. You can also focus on breathing when you have an urge to get rid of them. Another important thing is to not feed the sexual thoughts or they will become stronger and you will have a higher chance of relapsing.


Listening to Music.
Playing Video Games.
Watching a Good Movie.
Eating My Favourite food.
Playing with Kids.
Listening to Spiritual Guru Audios.

Laying down on bed and rest.
Physical Excercise till sweat & exhaustion.

Talking with my companions & friends.


Yeah right. I realize that PMO is totally fake, and maybe this suffering is because of the effect of dopamine not used to normal extent of release, so maybe it’s a good sign of healing after all if I just keep going? How long though? I’m curious.


It depends for everyone. The standard timeline is 90 days without any pornography, masturbation or orgasm. It may take longer or shorter for each person, depending on factors like the degree of their addiction and what mode they’re on.

For myself, after 45-50 days my moods had almost fully recovered and naturally good feelings returned on a constant basis. Strong urges had also decreased significantly, with only one strong urge after 90 days so far.

When your dopamine receptors have repaired, normal activities in life become far more pleasurable and your mood is greatly improved. I know some people on day 20 who are reporting great benefits, and others who didn’t feel that way until day 105. But eventually, the brain will repair, and it will have been so worth it!


Your comment is Gold bro.

If we dont Edge and stay true to the Rules of Hard Mode, The God is bound to show his love at some point of time. God also wants his children to enjoy his creation … He never let down anyone.

One thing to add … If you are Ready to sacrifice your so called fake happiness ( Pleasures ) and kneel down … ready to give up your so called knowledge & wisdom… Become like a student… ready for anything… from the unknown and The unknown will give you Tests… when you pass some of the Tests… He start sending You his Gifts… Blessings start to shower and You dance in real bliss


What for?
Is reality a challenging test?
Or a game?

Hello. Boredom is the gateway to hell. The hell is filled with depression, guilt, fear. Plan your day. Plan every moment. Utilize every minute of the day. After that you find yourself in the heaven where all your thoughts are considered. High motivation to do a task. And it’s your turn to experience the glory of heaven. Never lose faith in yourself. Never ever give up.


When we were chasing urges and wasting our Life force … our lives were Hell. We wanted a better life . Hence we started Hard Mode. To get … not the better but the Best Possible life for us.

Urges they had never satisfied us… We were dwelling in the same circle. Hence we decided that lets not chase pleasures anymore. we were always betrayed we were promised diamonds but only dust left in our hands after the ACT. Hence we decided to get Things which never leave us… things which stays with us… things which satisfy us… things which bring joy… peace… happiness… contentment… Nirvana… Knowledge… power… wisdom… Strength… unwavering focus… super intelligence and good stuff… which stays with us forever. Progress that goes beyond infinity.
Hence, we started the Climb.

As you can see in the picture… we dont know what is behind that clouds… the Paramount of the mountain… at the highest peak… we dont have any idea whats there… it is so high that most of the people give up without even taking a single step Upwards.
Only few have the dare to sacrifice himself because the Climbing demands so. A little but of confusion… and you cant go further… people who think themselves wise and they say that we know all things and there is nothing at the top… remains ignorent of the path and lives a mediocre life. They say people are mad who go for the climb. Few people reach the top… they make stories just to give support to their false voices.

Anyone can reach to the Top. One must keep going forward without caring about the distance. Each step taken forward reduces the distance further. Just focusing on the present step is the key to scale this mighty mountain. Now, lets talk about the Tests :

Tests comes in the form of Desires. Desires to seek flesh pleasures… to fap… to sex… to see erotic stuff… These Tests must be passed each time without slipping.
One who slips on the Edge falls down… He has to climb again.

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