Need advice on PMO topic

  • How long have you been trying nofap?
    I have been trying from sept 2018, it’s been very long time I tried to stop PMO completely but sometimes

  • Did something change during this time, which is relevant for your current problem?
    I have good streak sometimes in this duration but most of the times my downfall makes me kneel down infront of my addiction.

  • What is the problem you need help with?
    My addiction became my habit. Pmo became my habit and to unchain that habit looks impossible. I am about to get married but I don’t know will I became good husband or not. But as per my health conditions my future life becomes disastrous… What should I do to stop this addiction before I get married. Will I get rewired before my marriage my biggest fear.

  • In which situations does the problem occur?
    Everytime whenever I am alone, sad, tensed or nothing interesting in my life. Whenever this situation occurs I endup relapsing.

  • What did you already try?
    I tried everything but I am not consistent in any of the habits except PMO.

What’s should I do which will help me to stop this addiction of PMO completely? before I get married


:black_small_square:︎ I have started nofap since May 2018 , since then I learned a lot of things about this addiction PMO , surprisingly , I thought at first it’s normal as in that time period almost everyone was into this kind of thing and it seemed trendy , but when we started talking about this addiction and learnt that It is.the worst thing for a boy ro do , I started stopping it , I used apps such as Reboot , Rewire Companion and Stop M.

:black_small_square:︎ Yess , Many Things Changed and that too in a considerable amount , one advantage that I always feel about being addicted into this , I understood the power of addiction , so I never tried a cigarette nor a beer or wine or something of addictive nature , So , Yes along this journey of nofap of 4 Long Years , One thing is very common , you cannot reach to a certain amount of days and say yess , Now I am addiction free , actually it’s not like this way . NOFAP IS NOT ABOUT REACHING TO Q CERTAIN AMOUNT OF DAYS , IT’S A LIFESTYLE AND WE MUST LEARN IT.


:black_small_square:︎ The main help which I currently needed is some freinds , cuz I had a break up with my girlfriend bestfreind 6 months ago , we were together for 4 years , since May 2018 , but she left cuz of the distance barrier we had since covid and school ended. I sometimes feel extremely lonely , but being into this forum lets me to have some good friends who can help you anytime socially ( you too can find some good communicating people , here , who’ll help you )

• Mainly , the problem occurs at late night when I am alone and due to the wonderful internet connection by God’s sake , I fail .Or , the problem occurs when I am not occupied with any sort of work or free , due to which I start watching random unnecessary useless stuff on internet such as youtube or facebook which starts making the problem more terrific and hitting the trigger button in brain.


:black_small_square:︎ Personally speaking , just like every other nofapper I too Have tried hundreds and thousands of way to get rid of this thing , but I failed , I tried , sometimes gave up , sometimes fought hard , sometimes just failed without anything , sometimes fought even in the hardest situation . But , one thing that a nofapper doesn’t fail to do and that is they never stop trying .

Any nofapper will try hard , keep on trying hard , until and unless he wins into his behaviour change .
And as I am currently watching Dragon Ball Super , I keep on fighting with my behaviour as much as I can.


I do hope it helps to you , I would request my other friends to put their advices too-
@Binocular @anon6294077 @pingpong1 @basanaruga @Risinglion123 @andythepro65


You need practice dopamine detox.

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Indeed, pushing yourself to discomfort is the key to control your desire.


To be honest , I am also struggling with it these days. I don’t think I am the right person to give you advice lol.


It wasn’t long since you crossed a month bro, just don’t get in to a relapse cycle and start a serious streak and you will find out that all it took was a change in mindset.


The chaser effect is really strong broo. I am optimistic I can bring things on track. May I ask you some questions ? ( Ik majority of the answers of this questions but looking for more ideas and perspective from people )

  1. Why are you doing no fap ( Only MO.)

  2. What do you do when you see something triggering.

  3. How do you respond when you experience tickling sensation ( excess urge ) in your private part ?

  4. How do you overcome FOMO over P ?

If you are free , please let me know some of your answers please @Samaranjay , @pingpong1 , @roshan2304 , @NukePizza and everyone who is willing to answer

  1. Reason is

Because I lost my gf. I was fapping during those times, I guess it was true that semen retention attracts girls and women

I know semen retention is the most powerful thing in the world. Hanuman did it look how powerful he was of course he was already blessed with superpowers. During mahabharat, I don’t remember every detail but I will try to bring the main points. During Mahabharat, King Karna, said something bad then hanuman emerged on the field and glared intensely at Karna, with such intensity Karna could not breathe, Krishna had to intervene saying that we are not in a certain yuga, in this yuga your presence is too overwhelming. I don’t remember all but I hope you understand that there is a lot more power in semen retention.

Also my 2nd reason is to have an amazing body, I was struggling to increase my weight before semen retention. But now I am just increased it again its now at 56.2kg

Also my 3rd reason is I don’t want to regret anything in life again. So I want to live without regrets

  1. For triggering contents I have stopped Watching Netflix, I am not watching all YouTube videos, when I see triggering thumbnails I open the video put dislike and select don’t recommend videos from this channel.

I don’t know about you guys but I am living like this until I get married. It’s pretty boring and that’s what I need boring to deal with dopamine detox. There are anime I watch but I make sure there are no triggers else it can haunt me later on

  1. Tickling sensations, I feel happy because I know it is healing inside. When you get bruised or a cut, blood clots and after sometimes it tickles well they are healing inside. Unfortunately I don’t feel it as an urge, but as an itching moment in the private parts.

If FOMO stands for fear of missing out then

  1. I am missing nothing by not watching P, because watching someone else doing it instead of me doing it is damaging to myself, my masculinity. P encourages weakness, it encourages Cuckold. Where you are tied and other people are enjoying the women but you are just watching and craving. It a very disturbing and disgusting if you think of it that way.

And that’s how we all should view P. Because it is disgusting


Bro bad health conditions are mostly because of sedentary life.

Be consistent with working out and meditating.
That’s the only way you are gonna feel in good health, even if you somehow magically stop relapsing altogether and don’t start getting regular exercise your overall health won’t improve much.


My why? :thinking:

To become a doctor :man_office_worker:
To get closer to God and gain His pleasure :place_of_worship:
To become a famous musician and composer :notes::musical_keyboard:
To become a scholar👨‍🔬
To become a man🧔🏻
To get smarter :man_teacher:t2:
To get stronger :muscle:t2:
To be in good health🏃🏻‍♂️
To be muscular🏋️‍♂️
To improve my self-control :triumph:
To improve my behavior :blush:
To improve my relationships with my family, friends, and other people🤝
To strengthen my character :sunglasses:
To be calmer🧘🏻‍♂️
To make my hair strong :boy:t2:
To rest in my life🌹
To make my life meaningful :man_climbing:t2:
To become more energetic🕺
To be taller (I’m still growing) :tipping_hand_man:t2:
To strengthen my body’s immunity to disease resistance :person_fencing:
To be patient :man_mountain_biking:
To be proud of myself :innocent:
To accept myself more :relaxed:
To become an organized person🕴🏻
To be cleaner :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
To be a wise man :face_with_monocle:
To have more control over my emotions :sunglasses:
To be diligent in my studies✍
To be one of the firsts in high school :man_student:t2:
To strengthen my memory :exploding_head:
To learn quickly :brain:
To earn the respect of the people around me :handshake:
To feel the real pleasure and ecstasy in life :seedling::rose:
To reprogram my brain :brain:
To understand life more :love_you_gesture:t2:
For everyone to love me :heart:
To improve my view of girls :couple:
To be more handsome :bearded_person:t2:
To live a longer life :muscle:t2::older_man:t2:
To become a balanced person🧘🏻‍♂️
So that nothing in life is difficult for me🤼
To change my future :woman_climbing:
To be more honest with myself and other :busts_in_silhouette:
To read this and say I got all of that :innocent:

  1. Pushups / Exercise
  2. Cold shower / new clothes
  3. Meditate / Analyse my situation
  4. Stay with people / Open my room’s door
  5. Take deep breaths / Drink a glass of water
  6. Watch a self-improvement video
  7. Open RC
  8. Journal / Read my goals
  9. Smile and affirm myself that I am stronger
  10. Pray / play the piano

I do the same thing when I see something triggering.


What does it mean? :sweat_smile:

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Fear of Missing out. A feeling in which you miss something


Well then I am missing nothing :sweat_smile:
I kind of think that porn addiction is a lot easier than masturbation. It is the only addiction in which I say “I can quit it whenever I want”. I quit it 3 times when I was a kid for more than a year. I come back to watch it voluntarily but don’t worry, that was before I discovered how dangerous it was. Now I have a streak of …months without P. I kind of consider it as fantasy but you can see it with your eyes.


It’s all been going good for me. Now on day 1 close to 2 without any urges. Im sorry to hear that man but don’t worry you’ll do great.

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