Need advice on my situation

Hello guys, I am a 17 y.o guy addicted to pornography and masturbation from 5 years. I have successfully rebooted once with a streak of 115 days but got addicted to pornography again.I can’t even hold a streak of 3 days motivation and will power to do nofap is terribly low
I have have deleted all the browsers in my phone but still I was able to access p through rewire companion app. The worst thing Is I don’t even feel regret of watching p

Please help me.Porn is destroying my life

I need advice from you guys.

I will just give you only advice please stop pmo right now, you are in very good age, when I was in my 18 I was bright student, don’t become like me, I didn’t had such community for help,but you found it, embrace it

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It may sound harsh, but maybe it isn’t your time yet. Maybe you didn’t lost so much, so that you would find motivation in it

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My friend it’s a journey. Don’t give up. Try all your best. And don’t worry. We are all here trying. We all fall. But we all also rise. There is always another chance. The path it’s not easy and it’s why we are all here. Persist my friend. And don’t sink!

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Please stop watching p. There are many other problems to solve in life :sweat: and those will come to your plate only after quitting pmo. Don’t be in the lowest pit. Evolve and fight new battles.


A big thing that I learned while on this journey was that blocking web browsers doesn’t always fix your problem. You need to instead build your self discipline and control. Because the reality is, no matter what you do to hinder yourself, you will find a way to look at porn if you want to. You need to find the strength and the will within you to change that, nothing external will ever stop you.

So maybe instead take up running, build discipline, and stay conscious of your triggers and avoid them when you know you will relapse. Take up martial arts, do something! But you’re never going to find anything to fix this problem except yourself


Totally agree. @Thedevil If you cant evade your trigger, you’ll still do anything to watch porn.


It seems that you sholdnt fixed the real problem. Theres a cause that makes you a porn addict, and you have to discover it.